Women Office Wear: Skirts and Trousers, Shoes, Stylish Fashion Tips

Office wear is the most under-styled look when it comes to Fashion. Gone are the days when office wear meant a typical black or brown trouser, a white crispy shirt,
an A line skirt and mid-heel sandals. Today, the scenario has changed. Using your creativity for your office wear is what makes you stand out from the crowd. Everyone is aware of the latest fashion and latest trends; thanks to the many fashion magazines that teens these days grow up with.

Women Office Wear Skirts and Trousers Shoes Stylish Fashion Tips

But what could be fascinating is, to wear something in a way, which will alter the look of your persona without breaking the rules. For most of them, office wear is nothing but a combination of shirt with trouser or skirt which should go well with a suit or a scarf.

Let’s see how you can revolutionize to look best in your office wear.

First things first: A white blouse is a must have. It may be old-school but has never gone out of trend. Be it a crispy white, well-fitted white or a detailed white, it will never make you look dull. For whatever you wear it with, a white shirt will only brighten your look.

If you have a plain white shirt, wear it with a tie or a blazer, which adds look to your attire instantly. Or wear it under a sweater. Roll up the sleeves to give yourself a chic look. Tuck in a crafted white shirt in your pencil skirt to give it a modern look. Add a small vest to your white shirt and trouser to look professional.

Wearing white shirts can be as easy as eating a piece of cake and as difficult as nailing the jelly on the tree. Just remember one thing – a white shirt goes on every color but do not match it up with white.

Skirts and Trousers: Loose pants are not a passé. However, invest in narrow trousers. Ankle length narrow pants are in vogué this season. Not everyone will look good in narrow ankle length pants so check what suits your body type.

Hour-glass shape: The best thing to do with this kind of body is to highlight the waist. Flared pants will look good on you. While wearing a narrow ankle length trouser, top it up with a tucked-in formal shirt. Pencil skirts, A-line skirts and knife-cut skirts are best for your wardrobe. Almost every piece of cloth will suit your body.

Apple shape: Flared pants would go best on your body type. These pants will even-out your figure. Top it up with v neck shirt or scoop neck top. A side-tie dress or a wrap dress will emphasize your right parts and your problem area will be easily overlooked.

Pear shape: This body shape is heavy on the bottoms; so avoid tight bottoms, Capri and side pockets & pleats. Wear medium bell-bottoms. That will accentuate your figure. A dark-colored bottom will make you look slimmer. Use tunics or jackets that end right above your hip. Dress up more on your upper body, deeper necklines and colorful shirts will attract attention.

Shoes: Be it flats, pumps or high heels, foot wear will make you look like the office diva if you have done it right. So what is right and how to know that?

High heel Stilettos: Apple body shape should excuse this kind of shoes. Looks good on flared pants, office skirts and ankle length bottoms. It should be comfortable more than stylish. Remember you are at office to work for 8 hours and wearing this will surely be a pain at some point of time.

Office shoes: The best you can wear in any office for as many hours. Very little heel will give you the right length no matter what body type you are and will also add light to any formal you wear.

Peep-toe: Best suited for pear-shaped bodies. High heel peep toes will give you a slimmer look and will stay in limelight hiding your bottom curves. Though peep toes look good on everyone, women with long leg-fingers should avoid. It looks very tacky. Well pedicured legs are must when wearing peep toes.

 Give it a pass:

Tight skirts – You will be judged on your clothes than work.

Peek-a-boo white shirt – Button up your white shirt to not show cleavage. Either camouflage it with a long neck-piece or use scarves to cover up.

Wrinkled clothing – Ironed clothes show how seriously you take your professional attire.

Polished Foot-wear – You should look good top to bottom. Don’t take your footwear lightly. They are the first things to get noticed.

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