Why Should You Choose The Electric Powered Forklift Stacker?

When choosing equipment for your business, you need to know that the items you buy will have a direct effect on your business operations. If you need to pick up, move, or stack items that are palletized, you need a pallet stacker. The equipment can be used for loading and unloading pallets onto trucks or for moving the items from one location to another within the warehouse. They come in many models both electric-powered and manual and you can choose the unit that will work effectively for your business.

There are many reasons why you should consider an electric-powered pallet stacker. This driven electric-motor stacker can be operated from a seated or upright position. Pallets tend to be quite heavy even when empty and trying to do this job manually is not only tiring, it can also be dangerous.

There are several reasons why you should choose the powered stackers.

  • Safety and ease of use

The electric-powered units are safer and easier to use, which means that the work will be completed much faster and with less effort. The automatic raising and lowering of the forks makes the work less physically demanding and the security brakes or variable speed equipment makes maneuvering the units safer. If you are dealing with heavy items or lifting weights of up to five tons, you should look for heavy-duty stackers that can handle the extra load.

Why Should You Choose The Electric Powered Forklift Stacker?

  • Adjustable fork width

You can choose models that come with an adjustable fork width that makes it convenient to use on pallets of different size and shape. This means that you will not have to invest in more than one stacker. You can also find units that can be used for multiple stacking, which can allow you to move more than one pallet at a time.

  • Different applications

The pallet stackers are highly versatile and they are used for a range of applications in different industries. You can select from a range of models to find the perfect unit based on the load size and weight, the available floor space, the condition of the floor and other usage requirements. This means that regardless of how you want to use the unit, you can find the perfect product. You can get products with a wheel configuration that enhances traction for firm grip and increased stability.

  • Operator comfort

The comfort of the operator is very important when choosing the equipment. With the easy- to- operate mechanism, the operators can safely switch directions and they do not have to worry about being obstructed by the load. The models are ergonomically designed to make sure enhanced safety and productivity. They can be used to move the goods for a long distance while ensuring that the operator does not expend too much effort.

  • Streamlined designs

There are some new models that have a small turning radius and they can be used where space is restricted, making them ideal for facilities with narrow passageways. They have a compact design and are ideal when high intensity movements are required .They are also more affordable meaning that businesses with a smaller budget can find products that are affordable.

  • Cost effective

The electric stackers might cost more upfront, but when you consider the running costs, they are much cheaper to run. When you consider issues like fuel and maintenance, it is much cheaper to run an electric stacker than a combustion-powered forklift. The electric model has fewer moving parts meaning that maintenance is easier and less costly. The new models are efficient and can run for a longer time on less electric charge.

  • Less pollution

Electric units are more environmentally friendly and they produce very few if any emissions. Apart from benefiting the environment, the workers, especially those in an enclosed storage unit or warehouse, can be more comfortable. The units are especially ideal in facilities dealing with food and other materials. Apart from the emissions, the electric-powered units are much quieter. This is very beneficial in creating the ideal work atmosphere.

When choosing the best pallet management system, you have to consider the items that you are moving among other factors. There are many products in the market and you can find the equipment that is perfect for your facility. It is important to carry out research to find out the options available. Buying products from reputable manufacturers will help to make sure that you get the best equipment.





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