Why Golf Is Good For Brain Training.

Golf is often seen as a leisurely sport and a good option if you’re not into something more hard-core, but research has shown that actually it’s a pretty hard-core sport for your brain. You might not move very fast around the golf course but it is a game that challenges your physical skills, and your ability to stay calm and focused.

Whether you’re just starting out or fancy yourself as the next Tiger Woods golf is a fun and sociable way to get you out of the house and exercising both your body and your brain.

Here are the top reasons why golf is good for your brain.

Increased blood flow

As we said above you might not move very quickly when playing golf but whenever you’re in motion the blood flow to your brain is increased. Even a bit of extra walking goes a long way to increasing your brain fitness and giving you more energy.

For even better blood flow try walking a few holes rather than driving them next time you’re out on the course.

Pictures in your mind

Even the most novice player will benefit from some visualisation when they’re playing. By imagining any part of your game you’re exercising the right side of brain which is responsible for creativity. Not only will you improve your overall game but you’re strengthening your creative muscles too.

Making new friends

Whether your game of golf is to seal a deal with a new company or simply to relax at the weekend you’re still socializing. Research has shown that socialization increases cognitive function. So golf isn’t just all just fun and games!

Keeping your eye on the ball

Not only are you giving your body and brain a workout, but you’re also stimulating your eyes. From focusing on the ball at your feet to watching it fly across the course you’re improving the tracking functions in your brain.

Get coordinated

Obviously golf is a game that requires coordination, it wouldn’t be a challenge if it didn’t, and coordination isn’t just a physical thing. Every move you make during a round of golf exercises your cerebellum, the part of your brain responsible for coordination.

Problem solving

The aim of the game is to get the ball in the hole, and this requires a lot of strategizing. You’ve got to think about geometry, environmental conditions and strength. This is a great way to exercise the left part of your brain and keep your mind sharp.

With all the reasons that golf is good for your brain you’d be silly not to play it as often as possible. If you’ve been thinking about booking a few golf breaks this summer then now’s the time to do it. Not only will you see new sights and make new friends but you’ll also be giving your brain a pretty hard-core workout by playing somewhere different. Just think of all the strategizing you’ll need to do!



Rob Rudd tends to get enthusiastic about most sports he tries. He loved running but injury put a stop to that one. He moved on to swimming and golfing which are now his favourite hobbies.

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