Why Does Fashion Matter More To Women Than It Does To Men?

Fashion matters more in the eyes of women than it does to men.  Even as we find ourselves in 2013, with men more comfortable with their appearance than ever before to the extent that we see the dreadful ‘metro-sexual’ tag as outdated; it is undeniable that women remain the bigger ‘fashionistas.’

Why has this remained the case, despite the line blurring between male and female fashion like never before?

Alpha Masculinity

Machismo is supposed to be something that modern men don’t care about, but we will hear nothing of it. Wearing an old t-shirt and battered old jeans is what many see as the sign of being a man, and they all secretly think that deep down.

The irony of the situation is that it can actually be a half-decent look, but too many end up looking like Jeremy Clarkson when Brad Pitt would be better.

More Options

One line of argument is that women have more choice when it comes to men, so it is natural that they care more.

To consider this, we looked at a professional, office-based workplace. In this environment, men tend to wear a suit . What are the options for women?

  • · A suit, with the option of a skirt or trousers
  • · Smart trousers with knitwear, such as a jumper or cardigan
  • · A dress
  • · Smart trousers with a simple t-shirt, with or without tailored jacket

Why Does Fashion Matter More To Women Than It Does To Men?From that perspective, it is definitely possible that having more options makes women care more. It might not even be a case of caring more, but with more options, there is more freedom to build an outfit.

The professional man may not ‘care’ about his appearance because he knows his style choices are limited to a suit and five suit and tie sets.

Old School Attitudes

Despite social commentators and members of society proclaiming that we have moved away from many of the old school attitudes of the past, the reality is that they remain in an underlying manner, at least.

This is true both in the case of taking time over appearance and in terms of shopping. As far back as anyone can remember, or historical studies can show, shopping has always been the domain, or hobby, of women.

How many men do you know that say they’re off into town to have a look around the shops. For the men that do care about style, e-commerce has been a gift from heaven.

Under Pressure

In one way or another, these contribute to women feeling more pressure than men in terms of maintaining a look. Whether it is the need to maintain an appearance for religious reasons or for work, women are far more likely to feel like they should be going all out to meet any requirements.

Rightly or wrongly, men just don’t seem to have the same sense of duty when it comes to how they dress.

A combination of factors, from men being masculine to just downright not caring, shows that fashion matters more to women than to men. You can see the difference with your own eyes, most of the time.


Aisha Malik is a fashion writer specialising in niche areas and trends, such as Islamic clothing, and differences between the way men and women approach various styles and fashions.

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