Why Diamonds for Engagement Rings Are Not the Only Option.

An engagement ring is one of the most important pieces of jewelry you will purchase in your life time. Second only to wedding bands, this piece of jewelry must make a statement to the person you are presenting it to, as well as a statement about yourself. It represents a promise. It represents love.

Purchasing an engagement ring, however, is not as difficult as it has been made to seem. It really is about the dynamics of the couple and nothing more. If you follow a few simple rules, you will be pleased with your choice.

Diamonds Are Forever

Traditionally, diamonds have been the choice of engagement rings for hundreds of years. These beautiful stones have so many meanings attached to them that it is impossible to list. They are available in many sizes and shapes, and the possibility of picking one that matches the personality of the couple is good.

Another benefit of diamonds is the availability of colors. In the past, only the white stones were available on the open market, with colored stones being reserved for the very lucky few. Now, thanks to many new technologies that allow better access to these stones, colored diamonds have become very popular among those seeking a special engagement ring.

Diamonds will remain the engagement ring of choice, simply because of the many years of tradition behind them. When a person thinks of an engagement ring, they think of a diamond. They say diamonds are forever, and many brides-to-be want to feel that your love for them is also forever.

To Bling or Not to Bling: Why Diamonds Are Not the Only Option for Engagement RingsPrecious Stones and Other Alternatives

In the last few years, substituting a diamond with a sapphire or ruby has become very popular. Many attributed this to the recent English royal wedding in which the engagement ring was that of a solitaire sapphire. Others simply want their engagement rings to stand apart from the more traditional rings.

Another trend that has been noticed is engagement rings that do not have any stone at all. These rings are generally handcrafted for the individual and represent something special between the couple. Sadly, many of these rings are never worn on a regular basis because they are too fragile to withstand continual wear.

Art rings have also become more fashionable in recent years. These rings are usually made of several stones, beads, or metals and look similar to a cocktail ring. Unlike the conventional solitaire, these rings are large and bulky and are generally not worn with the wedding band after the marriage has occurred.

A final trend that has recently emerged is that of the simple “promise” band. This is a plain band that looks very similar to the wedding band and is worn as an engagement ring. This trend has been popular among those who wish to limit their use of natural resources.

In the end, most people opt for the diamond engagement ring. The many years of tradition associated with this type of ring makes it the most desirable. A diamond is rare, beautiful, and lasts forever, all traits that one hopes for in their relationship.




Jamica Bell is a freelance writer and jewelry lover. Happily married for over 25 years, she contributes this article as an advocate for healthy relationships. Los Angeles’ Icing on the Ring is a premiere jewelry store which provides their website,, to provide countless options for couples looking for the perfect engagement ring no matter where they live.

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