Who Says Money Can’t Buy You Love?

The Beatles did famously sing that money can’t buy you love and it is true that most partners will not be bribed. However, a relationship does not come cheap, as those fellows at Rate Supermarket have calculated.

They have calculated the costs of dates, from cheap to more expensive ones, short breaks and holidays, engagement party and ring as well as a wedding and come up with a figure, a very precise figure. They say that it will cost an average $43,842.08. This is based on a one year romance plus one year courtship and then a wedding at an average cost. This can be a pretty scary figure to look at.

When broken down it does make sense though. A dozen dates which are fancy with dinner or theatre at $1,920 then movie dates for $515.40 to include popcorn and snacks. Then there will be casual dates, probably about three dozen at a cost of $515.76. Then there is the cost of weekend getaways at $852.92 and then a new wardrobe of clothes for him at almost $1,000. A beach vacation costing around $2,000 is added in for good measure. The engagement party costs almost half that of the ring for a total of around $4,400 and then the wedding which is around $26,000.

This does make more sense but it does still beg the question, can money buy love? It looks like form these figures that without money, then you will not be able to afford to be in love, but people do. It is important to bear in mind that these are just average figures. Some people will spend a lot more, but others will spend a lot less. You will just need to make sure that you do it your way.

Who Says Money Can't Buy You Love?Difficulty can come if you meet a partner who has different views on money than you. If they expect to spend a lot and you do not have the money or they like to be frugal when you like to spend, it can cause problems. It is therefore worth discussing the matter. The money could in fact be seen as a good investment in a lifelong partnership of course. When compared to the cost of a house or vehicle it may not seem so bad after all. They are not many happily married people who would say their relationship was not worth the money that they had spent on it.

So there you have it – the cost of love! It may look at lot at first glance, but it need not be that much but could end up being more. The thing to take away form this is that you will need to be prepared to pay out some money and so it can be a good idea to remember that before you get in to a relationship. You may want to put some money aside so that when you do meet that special someone, you can treat them to the things that they deserve. On the other hand you may want to start the relationship by explaining to them that you do not have enough money to afford lots of fancy things. Honesty may be respected!



Crystal is a homemake who loves to blog in her free time. She recently viewed this article and was amazed to find some facts about cost of love and relationship.

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