When It’s Time To See A Foot Doctor.

We use our feet every day. As soon as we wake up we scramble to our feet as we prepare for the day ahead. Our feet then take us to work, to the next travel destination and to the park or beach for a peaceful walk.

With all these things we do with our feet, it’s imperative that we take care of them so we can still enjoy for years to come without feeling any discomfort or pain. In taking care of our feet, this entails going to see a foot doctor as soon as it’s needed and not waiting for complications to develop before visiting the clinic.

So when do you really need to see a podiatrist? Don’t wait to experience severe pain before you go for a visit.

When It's Time To See A Foot Doctor.Check out these signs:

1.    Lesion, Bumps and Warts

These may seem small to you but you still need to see a foot doctor when you have any of these on your feet. Bacterial or viral foot diseases can cause some lesion and bumps and if left untreated may lead to other serious infections. Warts also need to be checked by a foot doctor to make sure they aren’t malignant.

2.    Bunion Growths

Bunion growths can be very painful and if left untreated can cause foot deformities. If these are treated early though you can prevent the development of deformities and drastic surgeries can also be avoided.

3.    Ingrown Nails

A person whose toenails bunch and grow through the toe’s soft tissue has an ingrown nail. This can also be extremely painful and if left untreated may lead to other serious health issues. There are some ingrown nails that you can treat at home. There are some though that need medical attention especially those which are spreading and are severe. A foot doctor will have to provide treatments to help relieve the pain and they also can also help to prevent complications from happening.

4.    Discolouration

If you notice that your feet are changing its colour this may be a cause of several things. One possibility is poor circulation which is usually experienced by patients with heart conditions. Gout is another possible cause to a foot’s discolouration. In this case, it will usually be accompanied by some discomfort and inflammation. It’s best to see a podiatrist so you can get the treatment needed.

5.    Numbness

Numbness or even a slight tingling sensation on the foot, especially the bottom part, may indicate serious conditions including diabetes. Have your foot checked by a doctor to rule out other conditions.

6.    Ankle Sprain

If you’ve twisted your ankle and this gets swollen and painful, then you’ve likely sprained it. While it’s true that there are sprains that will just go away, it’s still important to visit your trusted foot and ankle clinic to really make sure you haven’t fractured anything. Especially if your sprain has caused severe pain and you feel your ankle is a bit loose, you need to see a foot doctor fast.

7.    Infection

There are several signs that tell you your feet may have gotten an infection: redness, swelling that lasts more than three days and fever. If you experience these symptoms, it’s best to visit a podiatrist to treat the infection and prevent it from getting worse.

When you experience any of these seven conditions, it’s time to take yourself to a reliable foot doctor and have your feet checked. The phrase “treat it before it’s too late” is heard everywhere but sometimes people don’t follow this advice. Taking care of your feet doesn’t only mean cleaning them and then having a pedicure or a foot massage. Visiting the doctor is an important habit you need to get used to to maintain healthy feet and overall well-being.






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