When It Gets Hard With Your Partner – The Solution Is Simple.

There’s always the talk about those first three “honeymoon” moths in the relationship where there are no fights, words and words exclaiming wonderful feelings, and even more wonderful feelings you got inside. That’s the easy part of one relationship.

The more you know someone, the more you love that person – but, for that time to last, you must work really hard to always have a reason to stay with someone when it starts getting harder. It should be a lot of conversations and a bunch of compromises you should make together.

When It Gets Hard With Your Partner – The Solution Is Simple.At the moment you start fighting about who’s going to wash the dishes and who washed them yesterday, you don’t need to give up. You need to dig deeper to see where those fights are actually coming from. It’s probable that it’s not really about dishes – it’s some problem you had some time ago and it still troubles you both.

It could be about work problems that you start bringing home or it just isn’t like before, when you spent the day, just you two, and did something special. Before the fights get really heavy and before you realize that you can’t fix things, take a really deep breath and think about the most effective ways to get close together again – the bedroom.

Somehow, the bedroom can still be a taboo, but we all know that it’s easier to talk after things get really passionate. And there’s always a way to spice things up to get steamy hot suddenly. It’s really an effort that counts so it just depends on you and how far you want to go. The closer you bond, the better will building your love life be. It’s easier if you get a pinch of night magic help to do things just right.

Here’re some myths that partners believe in.

First, it’s always good to go through your earliest memories and think about how you fell in love. That first date, first kiss and first late morning. You’ll undoubtedly get that tingly sensation of a feeling that will start burning up again. You’ll want to get that feeling out in the open and scream around about it like you wanted before. When lost feelings become real and almost tangible again, you’ll find a way to stay in the air.

The next step is right by your side when you wake up. Now, what to do to share those old feelings the right way? You know your partner more than anybody else does and will ever do – little hidden buttons that you know at what time to push – no matter if it’s ones favorite play or a favorite restaurant, ball game or an old movie.

Maybe the best way is to start with the kiss on the cheek in the morning and start with your plans early. Then you may check your schedules around lunch time and maybe grab a bite together in some familiar place that triggers some old memories. Then, you get your partner really curious about what to expect tonight when the start of the day was so promising.

After that, take your time to get your hands dirty and visit your lingerie shop. Don’t hesitate and turn around before you even enter the door. Things will look easier when you get inside. And don’t take the first things that you see – try something new. You don’t have to buy it if you don’t like it and no one will know. Even better, use it during foreplay tonight. You’ll get excited about the things that you thought you would never get excited about, and maybe you’ll find something you like even more than the lingerie you’ve been depending on from the moment you’ve started shopping – a costume perhaps (check on for ideas if you’re interested)?

When it comes to choosing what you’ll have for dinner, go for something exciting. It would be preferred if your table has some aphrodisiacs like an appetizer. And when it comes to the main course, be free to experiment. On the one side there’s a situation where you both don’t like it and this will make a new story you’ll laugh about, or you both really love it and make it a tradition. A bottle of wine would be really welcome – to get you in the mood. Music is also one of the factors. Play something you can both relate to, something relaxing with a nice flow.

Things will fall into pieces when you get to the moment when you want to turn your lights off – or, even better – leave them on.

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