When Is Smoking Good For Your Health?

Anyone waiting for a serious answer to that heading is unlikely to appreciate the answer: “when it stops you drinking your fiftieth tequila shot”, but in reality, smoking seems to be with us to stay. Although cigarettes are never going to win awards for health product of the year and we won’t see Benson and Hedges sponsoring the Olympic Games any time in the next century, people are seriously trying to think of new and creative ways to reduce the harm that the smoking industry inflicts upon the public.

Be Fair and Keep it to Yourself

Smokers have arguably become the modern-day lepers because people don’t want to be associated with them; especially if that means standing outside a nightclub to smoke a cigarette in the freezing cold with the  rain splashing at your ankles and that’s assuming you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to be in a club with a smoker’s shelter. The problem is that anyone who goes to clubs regularly will have noticed the crowd of people, both smokers and non-smokers who hang around the smoker’s shelter and they will testify to how popular the area is even among the people who the area is supposed to be protecting.

So should the UK ban smoking altogether? Most people would say no because there has to be a line drawn where we say that this is our freedom and the government does not have a say what we do with it. If we ban smoking then who’s to say that twenty years down the line it becomes illegal to have a car that can go over the speed limit? The thing is that we are all adults and so we should understand the health issues of smoking and still have the freedom to make the decision to smoke if we want to. It’s hard to comprehend, but most people would say that smoking among the young of today is less popular than it was twenty or so years ago and that seems to have happened with just the right amount of regulation.

Do we Need Regulation?

Many people argue that we already have enough regulation in so many parts of our lives that each new requirement imposed on us is an infringement of our civil liberty. Yet when we really look at it, the government is acting on our behalf, on subjects that many of us petition about and in most cases, the decisions are passed after several votes in the corridors of power. We would have more to worry about if we had a corrupt government that took money from large corporations to turn a blind eye when the citizens of the UK were exploited, but thankfully, our government is still largely in touch with the populations, at least in the back benches if not at cabinet level. This means that every smoking law that passes is generally the voice of the people speaking and not simply a law to benefit a few.

Be Smart When You Smoke

Is there such a thing as a smart smoker? Well it really depends what is mean by ‘smoker’ because cigarettes as we know them are very bad in every sense of the meaning, but there are ways of delivering nicotine to your body and still enjoying the ‘act of smoking’ whilst being allowed to sit inside in a nightclub by using products already on the market. E-cigarettes have been around a long time now and they deliver a vapour in a very similar process to a cigarette in that they are inhaled; however, they do not produce any smoke. So are they going to revolutionise the way we smoke? Sadly, it is still too early to tell, but perhaps a push with regulation could force our hand for the greater good.


Ian Appleton is a writer who believes that members of the public should be allowed to choose to smoke if they want to. However, to protect those who don’t, devices such as smart smoker E-cigarette starter kits should be implemented and promoted.

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