What Your Ring Says About Your Relationship.

An ornate ring with diamonds and colored stones that are mounted in a beautiful setting can make one’s intentions known. They are in love with this person and want to spend the rest of their lives together. Wedding plans are inevitable and thoughts of children and a home typically soon follow.

However, what does this say about the commitment of a promise ring?

Promise Rings

Promise rings have been around for centuries, but you’ll find many who are questioning the significance behind the jewelry. Since the jewelry is much simpler than an engagement ring, the ring may hold the promise of monogamy or the commitment to stop seeing other people. For couples who are in the early stages of adulthood or those with important beliefs in their religion, the promise ring can be used for purity and as a sign of their commitment to abstain from sex until marriage. As discovered at SuperJeweler(dot)com, simple gold bands with an inscription can make the promise more meaningful.

Future Commitment

Not everyone believes in the symbolism of marriage and many couples are happy to stay true to one person with a promise ring. This still holds special meaning that they will be true to their partner, but their feelings on marriage may not be the same as someone who believes that all couples should go down the path of matrimony. Rings for a lifelong commitment may be more ornamental and stones or words of love may be inscribed on the inside.

What Your Ring Says About Your Relationship.Engagement Rings

Engagement rings pledge the commitment of marriage to one another, and the diamonds are typically more stately than a promise ring. From the beginning when you ask for your partner’s hand in marriage to the culmination of the wedding, the engagement ring has purpose, and the outcome of marriage is is the result. Because you can’t imagine living your life without this person, many believe that marriage is the traditional ending for most couples.

Rings Today

Marriage isn’t for everyone, and the jewelry can typically portray your intentions. Thoughts of reciting vows can be crippling for some, and the idea of walking down the aisle with one person for the rest of your life may make you break out in a cold sweat. This is where a promise ring could come in and become the pre-cursor to the wedding commitment.

Instead of pledging your love for the rest of your life, you could start in smaller increments and begin with a promise to see only them. To not confuse its intentions, promise rings are typically worn on other areas of the fingers beside the engagement ring finger. For individuals who are strapped for cash, but they would still like to make the commitment, promise rings are less costly and can help you save up for an engagement ring that she’ll be proud to wear for the rest of her life.


An engagement ring’s intentions are clear and precise and an impending walk down the aisle is imminent. For those interested in a more casual route to commitment, the promise ring can hold a pledge or promise, but its intentions can vary dependent on the situation.





Will Powell is a freelance writer who recently made his intentions clear by proposing to his girlfriend.  He and his fiancée have made plans to marry in August 2013. offers quality jewelry at an affordable price for anyone who is looking to purchase a relationship defining ring.

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