What To Consider When Buying Second Hand Jewellery.

Buying jewellery is an intimate experience and it is worth looking at second-hand jewellery shops. The second-hand jewellery market is vast and you will get great value for money along with a choice from bygone eras. Here are some key points to consider when buying second-hand diamonds rings and other pieces.

Cost & Value For Money

You will want to make sure you are getting what you pay for and second-hand pieces of jewellery are priced accordingly. Second hand jewelers are experts at pricing and what the piece is really worth and you’re much more likely to get more for your cash than buying brand new jewellery. If you’re considering a diamond ring, then a second-hand ring is worth the research. You may well get more than you bargained for in terms of cost and value for money.

Has The Jewellery Been Restored?

A second-hand dealer will be able to tell you directly whether the piece has been restored and he or she will likely know the history of the jewellery. Many dealers do their own restoring for resale purposes. Jewellery does endure wear and tear over periods of time and most dealers will offer restoration on their wares.


An item such as a second-hand diamond ring will have a story behind it. Diamond rings are associated with love and marriage and what could be more special than a ring which has history behind it to pass onto future generations? You will have a unique piece which you’re unlikely to find on another finger. Many dealers will know the seller of the ring. It doesn’t come any better than a ring with a story behind it.

What To Consider When Buying Second Hand Jewellery.Unique Designs

There is far more chance of you coming across a unique piece of jewellery when buying second-hand. There will be many available bespoke pieces of jewellery available in the second-hand market making it highly unlikely there will be another piece like it. It is always worth asking a dealer for their bespoke jewellery range and you could have an incredible, unique piece of jewellery that has been restored and lovingly cared for.

Online or High Street Jeweller

There are benefits to both. The high street is packed to the rafters with second-hand jewelers who buy and sell. High street shops have the benefit of fitting on the spot and in some cases, you will be able to buy and take home the same day. The online market is just as vast and obviously there is an element of risk that the piece may take a few days to arrive and you will have to return it if there are problems. This is the time-consuming aspect of using an online dealer. However, buying online is winning the battle of the high street. Everything is at your fingertips and you’re able to choose your jewellery in the comfort of your own home and rest assured, the service is just as pleasing as face-to-face service in the high street.

Taking the above into consideration, the second-hand market is booming and there are great deals to be had and a beautiful diamond ring or other piece of jewellery can be purchased second-hand and you will not regret it. The jewellery of your dreams is at your fingertips, online, or on your high street and comes in the form of a second-hand dealer. It’s a sage choice to buy second-hand.


Ross Davies writes about money-saving tips and is a regular blogger on jewellery, diamonds and shopping online.

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