What Makes A Woman Amazingly Attractive? 4 Physical Features That Turn Men’s Heads.

A sense of humor, a keen mind – these are traits in women that hold a man’s attention. But before men discover these inner qualities in a woman, it’s her physical attributes that first catch their eyes. It’s a step back for the feminists, but the truth is, man is a feral mammal when his pheromones are released and, just like in a supermarket, he picks the choicest cut of meat for his meal.

Before despair sets in, here’s the good news. You don’t have to be looking hot or amazingly gorgeous like those Hollywood babes you see on TV. The four corporeal components that turn men’s heads in your direction are attainable even for the mere mortals of the female species. And you amplify your desirability level by taking good care of them.

That said, here are the four physical features that attract men to women instantly.

1. Glowing and smooth skin
What Makes A Woman Amazingly Attractive 4 Physical Features That Turn Men's Heads– attractive facial and body skin is even in tone, free from blemishes, acne and premature wrinkles. An attractive skin does not depend on color or race. The skin reacts to negative forces, so you must lavish it with the best care possible.

The most natural skin care that women overlook is hydration. Drink at least eight glasses of water daily, more if the weather is hot or humid. Dehydrated skin is dry, sallow and wrinkled. Use sunscreen daily and moisturize with creams and lotion. Fruits and vegetables should take up half of your daily plate. Exercise regularly, don’t smoke, get six to eight hours of sleep every night and learn how to handle stress effectively.

2. A smiling face – some women are naturally smiley and they radiate more approachability than their dour-faced counterparts. Fresh lips and white teeth make up an appealing smile, so take those into consideration. According to a Burley dentist in Idaho, there are home remedies for teeth whitening. To keep lips and teeth healthy and looking good, avoid smoking, brush after every meal and hydrate dry lips by drinking enough water and applying lip balm. Cultivate a positive and sunny attitude and your smile will come naturally.

3. Healthy tresses – generally, men are attracted to long hair that fall below the shoulders. Be that as it may, hair of any length and style should be smooth, shiny and vibrant. Shampoo and condition three to four times a week to get rid of excess oil and dirt. Include in your diet foods that are rich in Vitamin D, protein, zinc and other minerals that make hair strong. Give your hair spa treatments, especially if you can’t avoid using hair dyes and other chemicals used for rebonding, curling and other hair styling methods.

4. A toned body – a torso, legs and arms that are beautifully toned have minimal body fat and well-defined, sculpted muscles. A woman with a toned body is lean and thus, can help emphasize her waist-to-hip ratio, which men notice immediately.

To achieve a toned body, a regular exercise regimen is a must. Exercise workouts that separately target the abs, upper arms, legs, the back of the shoulders and even the face and neck burn up the body fats and shape the muscles. Most people who make exercise a part of their lives tend to eat healthy too. A balanced diet of carbs, protein, fiber and less fats help maintain leanness and well-being. Aside from the physical benefits, you keep chronic diseases at bay, like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions and cancers.

Marie Miller is a safety specialist. She also believes in looking after one’s own body and mind by maintaining healthy habits and effectively dealing with stress.

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