What Could Be Worse Than Diabetes?

What’s worse than being afflicted by a life-changing disease like diabetes? It is to be afflicted with another life-threatening disease as a result of taking medicines that you were told could help you control and manage your diabetes! Unfortunately, that’s what people who have made the mistake of taking Actos to manage their diabetes are going through now.

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That, for me, is really the biggest suffering anyone can make. It is like being bitten by a dog that you have fed your whole life by hand! It’s an unforgivable betrayal, I’d say. The good thing is, one can always go to Court and file a lawsuit against the makers of this drug.

But what are the grounds or legal basis for filing such a case?

What Could Be Worse Than Diabetes?License: Creative Commons image source

Takeda Failed to Warn the People About the Risks

The biggest ground in filing a case against the Actos manufacturers is that they neglected to inform people about the risks associated with taking Actors for the treatment and management of type-2 diabetes. Way back in 1999, there were already studies that were conducted on the safety and efficacy of the medicine that revealed the development of tumors in the lab rats used to test Actos. However, Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly – the two names behind the drug – failed to indicate that risk in the product’s labeling when they first launched it at that year! That is blatant misrepresentation.

It was only six years later when Takeda would finally admit that Actos brings a higher risk for bladder cancer to patients as compared with other similar drugs. It was Takeda themselves that launched two tests, and the results of these tests indeed confirmed what they had initially neglected to put into their products’ labels! In the next year, 2006, Eli Lilly ceased all marketing for Actos and Takeda updated its label to “warn” people about the tumors in lab rats given high dosage of Actos.

Takeda would experience more blows to its best-selling product when a study conducted in France in 2011 further confirmed the elevated risk for bladder cancer when using Actos. This resulted to the drug being pulled off the French market. Germany followed suit by discouraging the use of Actos to treat and control Type 2 diabetes.

But by then it was already too late. Over the six-year period that passed since the release of Actos, several patients had already been injured.

What Could Be Worse Than Diabetes?License: Creative Commons image source

Lethal Complications of Actos

Aside from the risk of developing bladder cancer after a prolonged period of use, Actos also has several complications that can be lethal to the patient. These include:

  • Bone fractures

Studies have indicated that more than one year of Actos use can lead to bone fractures. This is caused by the PPAR-gamma receptor. This receptor increases the body’s receptivity to insulin. However, as a price, it prevents the quick recovery in the skeletal system and greatly weakens the bones.

  • Congestive heart failure

Aside from bladder cancer, studies conducted on the medicine before it was released to the market also showed great risk for heart failure. Edema is a known side effect of Actos. We all know what edema is. When fluids accumulate all over your internal organs, it can cause stress to your heart and eventually cause it to fail.

If you or anyone you know who has been diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes and uses Actos for their treatment, then you should advise them to consult an experienced Actos lawyer so they can get their due compensation for their damages. Find a good Actos litigation lawyer in your area and get the case evaluated so they can file a suit in Court!



Mark Sullivan is an aspiring lawyer who is taking up Law at the University of Florida. In his free time, he writes articles for discussing his opinion on current events that touch on American rights and American law.

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