What Are The Facts About Breast Enhancement?

Breast enhancement is a familiar type of cosmetic surgery, and women may feel that they know everything about the subject. However, there are many different types of augmentation, and the results can be very different. In order to fully understand how breast augmentation surgery can improve the shape and appearance of a woman’s chest, it is important to know the full facts behind any kind of enlargement or alteration of the breasts.

What Are The Facts About Breast Enhancement? These facts can also help women to be sure that a boob job is the right decision for them.

Fact 1: The first and most basic fact is that boob jobs will not be able to solve all types of problems. The human body is a variety of shapes and sizes, and women differ not only in their breasts, but what lies behind it: the chest walls. The amount of muscle, the bone structure and the elasticity of the chest wall will all affect how the implants are positioned, and how they will make sure. What is important to remember is that no two breast implant surgeries will end the same way, and the same implant on one woman will not look the same on another.

Fact 2: The second fact that is relevant to the outcome of the surgery is that the location of the incision will affect the final appearance of the augmentation. This means that choosing the right kind of incision is vital. Most enhancement incisions are made below the armpit, and travel around the nipple, but in some cases the chest wall will require a larger incision which occurs close to the belly button. The position of the incision, as well as the size of the implant, will affect the size of the cut. Saline implants, for example, require smaller cuts, while firmer implants will require larger cuts.

Fact 3: The third fact which is important when deciding on breast enhancement is that the final size of the breast will not relate directly to the implant. This means that it is important to correctly size the breast tissue that the woman already has, to create a pair of perfectly matched breasts. Most patients look should aim for a C or C+ cup size, which is the standard for the average woman, and so the implants need to be matched to each breast separately. This then allows the surgeon to create a uniform appearance.

Other Facts You Need To Know

Another fact which most women should remember when seeking breast augmentation is that implants are not permanent. The majority of modern implants will last for 15 years maximum, but while most patients’ implants will last this long, some women may find that their implants only last a few years.

This is because other issues, such as weight gain or loss, pregnancies or an increase in hormones, ill-health or the menopause can all mean that the shape of the chest wall changes. When this happens, the size of the implants is no longer suitable for the woman, and they droop, sag, or bulge incorrectly. This can affect how the woman feels about her breasts, and may also mean that she needs to undergo another operation within a few years.

Perhaps the most important fact when it comes to enhancing the breasts is that cosmetic augmentation is a collaboration between the patient and her surgeon. The woman always needs to be involved when it comes to choosing the size of her implants, and how it will be inserted. Women should take a keen interest in the process, as it will affect her appearance, and the final results of the surgery.

Secondly, surgeons need to be truthful about how breast enhancement will result in larger breasts. While the implants can make a big difference to a woman, she should not expect to see miracles, just slightly larger breasts.

What Are The Facts About Breast Enhancement? There are many facts about augmentation which women should be aware of before they consider surgery. Understanding these facts will make sure that women are able to make clear decisions about whether to have a boob job, and what to expect from the surgery. Both patients and surgeons need to be honest with each other about the process to ensure great results.






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