What Alcohol Poisoning Is From A Different Hue: A Different Kind Of Drug Overdose.

When people think of overdosing, they tend to think of drugs. However, every year many people also have to deal with the dangerous consequences of alcohol poisoning from drinking too much.

This is an especially troubling problem, because of how much people drink, and that it’s legal, and even expected for people to drink once they’re over twenty-one years of age. Consuming alcohol is the way people unwind, socialize, and lose their inhibitions.

Most people want to drink in social situations to fit in and be able to feel less awkward. Yet people should always be aware that they have to drink in moderation, because alcohol can be extremely dangerous when overdosed on.

What Is Alcohol Poisoning?

Alcohol poisoning occurs commonly, and happens when a person has drunk copious amounts of alcohol in a relatively short span of time. His motor functions become impaired and the alcohol in his blood becomes poisonous. Alcohol Poisoning occurs most commonly when someone has been binge drinking, and has lost all sense of the appropriate amount of alcohol he should drink. Then he starts entering extremely dangerous territory, because people absorb alcohol very quickly into the bloodstream, and their BAC (Blood Alcohol Stream) spikes to extremely high levels.

What Alcohol Poisoning Is From A Different Hue: A Different Kind Of Drug Overdose.Because people tend to drink so much, in social settings such as in bars, clubs, or even friendly get-together, the dangers of alcohol poisoning are underrated. However, the consequences can be very severe, even life threatening, and includes:

  • Choking
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Vomiting
  • Fainting
  • Hypothermia
  • Coma

In the most severe cases, someone can die, reportedly one person a week dies from alcohol poisoning.

How To Help

The best prevention of alcohol poisoning is obviously to not drink at all, particularly if a person knows that he is prone to drinking in excess. But if someone has already drank too much, then steps should be taken to reduce the possible side effects.

Some of the suggestions that can help someone who has alcohol poisoning is to try to keep them awake, try to give them water, and in severe cases take them to a hospital so that they can get their stomach pumped. It’s always better to be safe and not sorry when it comes to ensuring the safety of someone who has alcohol poisoning.

Groups At Highest Risk

The people at highest risk at drinking too much are college students and alcoholics. College students are because much of campus life is based around drinking and partying, and alcoholics are because they’ve already developed a deep dependency on the substance. These people need to be especially aware that they’re at greater risk and take the proper precautions. Sometimes it means going completely dry to avoid overdosing on alcohol. College students can seek to find other forms of recreation with peers that don’t like drinking.

And alcoholics can seek out the support of groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, which has helped countless people get on the path of sobriety. There is help out there, and it’s crucial that it should be taken advantage of, because alcohol poisoning can cause chronic long-term health problems.





Cindy Nichols is an addiction specialist and specializes in alcohol detox at Recovery Now TV

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