Ways to choose the right dog waste station

It is the responsibility of every responsible citizen to take care of the waste their pets like dogs generate. The dog waste if just strewn anywhere in the open, can be washed into waterways and even lakes and rivers and to the sources of water from where your apartments might be getting their water supply. That means, it can contaminate the water you are using at home. If dog waste is mixed with water, it can even kill aquatic life and promote the growth of algae in water which not only gives an ugly appearance to lakes and rivers but also makes the water polluted.

choose the right dog waste station

Here are some points to choose the top dog waste station.

The right materials: Generally, the waste receptacle and cans in a dog waste station is made from plastic, light or heavy metal. When choosing the right one, keep the durability factor in mind. Heavy metals are the better options because light metal cans and waste receptacle have the tendency to rust over time. Plastic can lose its color and strength in some time and it too cannot be trusted to last for a long time.

The right chute: If the chute is not proper, water can seep in and create a mess, causing the disposal of the waste a problem.

Some dog waste stations may have a larger hole through which the waste bags have to be deposited while the lids of some may not be secured enough. In both the cases, water can seep in and cause much problem while emptying the can. The best way is to choose a dog waste station which has a chute in the form of a mail-box so that there is only enough space for the bag to be slid in and it should also shut tightly so that there is no space for water to enter the bin. Also, such a design ensures that people only will deposit waste bags and not their household trash.

Visual appeal: Typically, dog waste stations come in three main colors, which are, black, brown and green. The maximum height of the stations can be seven feet. Generally, it is preferred that these waste stations do not stand out much and merge with the surroundings. So, you should choose one as per the space where they are installed For example, the dog waste station for a park can be green while one for the pavement can be brown or black. Also if you are about to install two or more dog waste stations, they needn’t be of same colour or height because in any case, these are going to be placed at a distance from each other and hence there is no need for uniformity.

Installing one is more important and it really doesn’t matter what and which. By doing so, you are not only doing a great service to the society but also to your family and environment.


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