Water Leaks, Wet Basement, Dampness ; 4 Signs you need Waterproofing.

Uncontrolled water can wreak havoc in your home. It has effects health wise, especially to people who generally have breathing problems such as asthma, and it will definitely damage your property. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to water, so you need to be on guard always to make sure you notice when things are not gong quite as they should in your home.
Water Leaks, Wet Basement, Dampness ; 4 Signs you need Waterproofing.This does not entail too much effort on your own. If you know what to look out for, you can easily recognize a water problem and fix it before it gets out of control. This article gives you some of the warning signs that should spur you into action to prevent major water damage.

  1. Wet basement

If you have walked into your basement and found your stuff floating along in a pool of water, that has flooded your basement, then quite obviously, you have a water problem. Such occurrences are not so uncommon either. Too many people can testify of literally having had to remove water from their basement, bucket by bucket until it was somewhat dry at one point.

Even if your case is not as drastic, if your basement carpet is a bit soggy and you can feel the water squashing as you walk along, or if you notice some form of precipitation on your walls and a lot of humidity in general, then you have a water problem as well.

Do not ignore your wet basement if you have one. You might not go down into that room so often but eventually the effects will catch up with you. The water in the basement might seep through the ground into the foundation, and you do not want your foundation compromised. The dampness might also lead to mold, which will spread. Take action as soon as you notice the problem.

  1. Mold

If you spot mold on your bathroom tiles then that is understandable. The moisture in the bathroom must have caused it and if it has not spread too far, you can easily take care of it with some good detergent and a brush.

However, if you spot the characteristic bluish black stains of mold on your bedroom wall or at some odd place such as on your living room carpet, then you need to investigate further. Moisture encourages the growth of mold, so if you have mold growing throughout your house, then you must have a moisture problem.

Discover the problem and fix it. If you allow mold to grow unbridled in your home, there will be adverse consequences, its distasteful appearance being but the least of them.

  1. Leaks

Leaks in the house are another major giveaway to an existing water problem. If you notice there is dampness at a particular spot on the floor and you know you have not spilled anything onto it, then you should look up to check whether the source of the water is the ceiling.

It is very easy to spot a place where there is a leak in the ceiling. The water usually stains it with ugly brown stains, which are characteristic of water damage. Once you notice a leak, find where it is coming from. Is it from the roof when it rains or is it from within?

You might have to waterproof your bathroom if the water is coming from within the house. Concrete, which is used to build most homes, is water-resistant but not waterproof. You will need to coat it with a waterproof substance to prevent internal leaks. As for the roof, fix any cracks and coat the roof with a waterproof lacquer to prevent external leaks.

  1. Breathing problems

If you notice a funny, musty smell in your home and discover you feel tired and generally have hard time breathing when you are within the house, then this is a sign that you might have mold, a characteristic feature of water problems.

Inspect your house for mold in the most likely spots and the source of moisture that is encouraging its spread. Mold is one of the most dangerous effects of water damage to your health and you need to avoid it.

Chad is a writer for Statewide Solutions, a water damage NJ specialist.

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