Unique and Luxury Collection of Masquerade Ball Masks To Go With Your Outfit

Unique and Luxury Collection of Masquerade Ball Masks To Go With Your OutfitThere’s a wide variety of masquerade masks out there, so it’s often challenging to just pick one to match with your outfit. Do you have a personal style? Or maybe a special color palette in mind? Are you confident that the choice you’ve made is suitable for your event? Although masks are meant to hide away your identity, you might want to select a type that appeals to your personality. There are many important factors to consider prior to deciding on a masquerade mask and costume. Are you attending a costume party, a Mardi Gras or Halloween event or a luxurious, masked gathering? Here is an impressive collection of masks to consider.

The Bauta

A classic masquerade mask is the Bauta. Its history dates back to the 18th century when both men and women wore this disguise at the Carnival, in Venice. It became extremely common, and what made it stand out was the simple yet intriguing shape. It featured a pointed bottom and a square top, and its overall design was meant to lengthen the wearer’s face to make him look mysterious. To match a Bauta with a costume, you might want to opt for a cape and a tri-cornered hat. Many people like this disguise because it slants upward. Hence, the wearer can drink, eat and chat without having to remove the mask.

The Volto

Another luxurious mask you can wear at an exclusive event is the Volto mask. It was also inspired from the Venetian carnival and it is often called the Larva mask. Due to is white color; the Volto can be worn by both men and women, and it goes exquisitely with a black outfit. If you’re attending a chic party, match your mask with a sexy little black dress with an open back, and you’ll surely make an impression

Back in the 17th century, the Volto mask used to cover only a part of the wearer’s face, thus allowing him to drink and talk without taking off the disguise. Men can match their mask with a black overcoat or a classic James Bond-inspired costume if they want to impress. Today’s modern Volto masks are not half-faced anymore, but full-face. They come in many color palettes, so if white is not your color feel free to diversify and choose something else.

The Domino

Worn mostly by men who want to impersonate comic book heroes and bandits, the Domino is a popular masquerade mask of the 18th century. The disguise is rounded and it covers the wearer’s eyes completely. As opposite to most masks inspired from the Venetian carnival, this one is simpler and more appropriate for sophisticated costumes and outfits. You can easily wear the most colorful suit and still make a good impression with a Domino mask, which basically looks like the hoods of historical French priests.

The Capitano Mask

Men who want to attend exclusive masquerade parties should wear the Capitano mask. It features the most interesting design, and it’s incredibly mysterious, too. The disguise covers the wearer’s nose, forehead and eyes, and it usually comes in bright colors. Based on an Italian character known as Il Capitano, this beautiful masquerade mask works beautifully with suits, overcoats, and even bolder costumes like super-hero inspired outfits, for example.

The Jolly Venetian Mask

Often known as the Joker mask or the Jester, this disguise is more suitable for costume parties and Halloweens. Because it is extremely colorful and funny, it doesn’t really fit a classy event. Featuring multiple styles and designs, the Joker can be either full-faced or half-faced. Much like the harlequin or the circus clown, the Jolly Venetian is made of various materials, like colorful brocades, papiermache and others. Suitable for more men and women, this disguise work beautifully with a simple outfit. Limit yourself to wearing neutral colors; the masquerade mask already has too many color combos.

This luxurious collection of masquerade ball masks is excellent for exclusive party events, Halloween parties and Mardi Gras events. Whether you’d like to wear the Bauta and keep things chic and elegant, or you want to make an impression with a Jolly Venetian, don’t forget to showcase your original style by adopting the most flamboyant outfit.

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