Choosing Your Wedding Entertainment; Music and Band.

Even for the most laid back personality types, planning a wedding can be stressful. Even if you swore to yourself that you wouldn’t lose perspective, it’s still easy to fall into the trappings of wedding planning hell. Despite your best efforts, it’s inevitable that some element of the wedding planning is going to make you want to pull all your hair out.

Choosing Your Wedding Entertainment; Music and Band.Many couples think choosing the wedding entertainment or DJ is going to be the easiest part of planning the wedding. They think it will be as easy as answering the question, “What’s your favourite type of music?” Most couples have similar taste in this department, so there isn’t much disagreement. But the question of entertainment is much more complex than just picking your favourite genre or style of music. When couples are faced with the complexities of finding the perfect entertainment they often overlook the wants versus the needs.

Wants Vs. Needs

Sure, finding the music you want should be first. But that’s the easy part. Most DJ and bands will allow you to request songs or even a complete set list and this is an absolute must.Once you find the style you want then it’s time to get down to business and fulfill the other important needs of your celebration. Look beyond the music.

Beyond The Music

Look for a company who is professional yet stylish and fun. In other words, look for a company you want to work with. Since most of the people planning weddings are doing it for the first time (and hopefully the last) it’s difficult to anticipate the problems that might arise. But problems are inevitable so it’s important to choose a company that is adaptable and able to offer unique customized services.

Another key element to look for is a company with a diverse variety of services, a one-stop shop so to speak. Many companies offer not just music but also lighting and decoration like chocolate and champagne fountains, venue draping and starlit dance floors.

Look for Nice Touches

Couples often don’t realize how much you rely on your DJ or band to keep the evening flowing smoothly. You need these extra services to make sure a great party with seamless transitions. Look for other services like an MC to introduce speeches, a chocolate or champagne fountain, or a customized (remixed) first dance song including various songs. Even if you don’t require these services, it shows that the provider is a dedicated wedding provider and not just an everyday jockey.

Last Step Before Finalizing

Once you’ve found the right wedding entertainment or DJ with the right services, you’re still not finished. Do research on their reputation. Ask yourself: How can I be sure they’ll deliver what they promise? A professional well designed website is usually a good sign. If they are detail oriented with their business website then they are more likely to be the same with your wedding. Finally, look for testimonials. What do other people say about them?

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