Understanding The Connection Between Collagen And Acne Scarring.

We all accept that how we look has a large bearing on how we feel. The reality is that society has a nasty habit of singling people out who look different from others. Height, weight and of course overall physical appearance tend to factor into this particular argument. With this in mind it probably comes as no real surprise to learn that the ever booming cosmetic industry isn’t due for a slow-down anytime soon.

One particular area that is heavily focused upon is that of skin and in particular facial skin. Sadly acne sufferers know this only too well.  A nasty bout of acne can almost appear from nowhere, and if you are unlucky can leave lasting scars as a result. Whilst there are many “cures” for this, collagen is often muted as one of the best ways of helping to improve the appearance of acne scarring.

Understanding The Connection Between Collagen And Acne Scarring.License: Creative Commons image source

If you have tried to deal with acne scarring then this blog post is definitely for you. Here we will be taking a closer look at the connection between collagen and acne, offering some tips along the way.

So Just what is Collagen?

Research has long since indicated that there are many benefits that collagen can have regarding the skin.

The first thing to understand about the amino-acid collagen is that it is actually a naturally occurring substance. We all have it. Furthermore as much as 30% of the human body is made up of the stuff. One way of looking at it could be to think about Collagen as the glue that holds the body together.

However, collagen is much more than that. It is essential for strengthening blood vessels and for giving skin it’s “elasticity” look. Many skin issues occur as a direct result of a breakdown in the Collagen that is found in the body.

Before we go all techno and start quoting the chemical make-up of collagen note that there are plenty of other sites that provide this kind of information.  For those of you who need to find out more about the ins and outs of its make-up then some of the information on Molecular Cell Biology 4th Edition could be interesting.

Producing More Collagen

So now we know a little more about the importance of collagen let’s take a look at how you can get your body to produce more of it.

One simple way to up your collagen levels is to take vitamin C supplements. It has long been understood that this essential vitamin can help with your ability to increase collagen levels. Not only that, Vitamin C can also go a long way into helping your body to absorb other supplements too.

Many soft drink producers have jumped on the collagen bandwagon. However, the reality is that collagen that is ingested in this fashion struggles to perform in the way that one would hope. This article on the website goes some way to confirm this.


If you have tried some of the “over the counter” remedies and not seen any real results then it’s only natural to consider other treatments. Depending on the nature of your acne scarring there are a number of options that could be available.

Laser therapy is perhaps one of the more extreme measures that people could opt for. Having said that, this type of surgery has become more common in recent times. These treatments work by sending heat down to the dermis. This process can then help to stimulate new Collagen growth which over time can repair scarring.

Budget Restrictions

Now it could be that laser surgery doesn’t fit in with your budget, or it could just be that you don’t want something as drastic as this. After all, it is still an expensive treatment method. If that’s the case then all is not lost as you consider some form of dermabrasion treatment.

One of the more recent developments in dermabrasion comes in the shape of a Derma Roller. This particular method originated in Europe, but has now been accepted on a world-wide basis.

The Derma Roller technique consists of a barrel-shaped roller which features an array of micro needles. When this is applied the skin it works to create multiple minute pin-pricks. It is these pin-pricks that then serve to trick the skin into thinking that a repair is required. From this moment the skins natural healing process kicks in to repair the damage.

A topical anaesthetic is normally used which prevents the micro needles from generating any real sense of discomfort or indeed pain. Typically the length of these needles vary between 0.5mm and 2mm. As you might expect the longer the needle the deeper the penetration levels. This has a direct bearing on the levels of collagen that are produced.

Replacing degraded collagen can go a long way into improving a multitude of skin issues, not least acne scarring. Depending on the seriousness of the issue will probably have a bearing on the type of treatments that are undertaken.

One thing is for sure, you don’t necessarily have to opt for expensive treatments to see healthy, confidence building results.

For years your author (Sophie Jones) had battled to beat some serious acne scarring, without a great deal of success. Thankfully things changed dramatically for Sophie when she came across where she learned more about the benefits of the Derma Roller treatment.

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