Understanding the ELO rating system in League of Legends

The league of legends is a very popular multi player game that involves strategic game play by the chosen champions to advance to new levels and continue the battle. Like all multiplayer games, you need to prove your prowess at securing higher ratings, if you wish to proceed to higher levels.

The rating system of League of legends—ELO rating

The league system was introduced in the league of legends before season three and since then the ELO rating system has been employed. This system is similar to a chess rating system, and is used to calculate the relative skills of all the players. This allows players to locate an apt opponent who has a similar skill set to what they possess.

This system basically allows for matchmaking and you are expected to play against players of similar skill levels to progress further. The calculation of Elo uses various formulas, the details of which are pretty complicated. The score will determine who is victorious in a game.

What happens to Elo scores after you cross a limit?

Elo scores can be obtained and increased upon successful wins by each champion. However, there is an upper limit, and you will find your Elo score decaying every time you cross 1400 Elo in this game. The rate at which it decays is different for various levels. The Elo is also found to decay if you do not play for a while, and are inactive for over a month or so..

This is operated by a decay timer which keeps track of your frequency of activity at the game. You will be penalized for not playing continuously, and lose all your hard earned Elo scores when you do not engage in the game.

Why you need higher Elo and how to obtain it

Your Elo score is what determines your progression in the game of the League of Legends. Obtaining higher Elo scores is not an easy task. It may take you a long time and several days of battles to obtain the score you need to progress further.

Although the Elo score is indicative of your ability in the game, your actual game play would depend on the team player strategy that you employ while playing. If the rest of your team plays in co-ordination with you, so as to form a strong opposition to the other team, you will find yourself scoring better and progressing further.

If you are ever short of the required Elo score, you fortunately have a way to boost it. League of Legends ELO boosting by allows you to improve your Elo score by buying it. With this option, you pay for and obtain the required Elo score you require. As a result, you do not compromise on going further because of a lack of the required Elo. No one in the opposition, nor in your own team are informed of this factor, and so you can proceed to be a champion, without anyone being any wiser about how you attained it.


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