Understanding The Effects Of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse has a lot of effects, and not just on the person abusing the drugs. It can cause problems throughout their entire life, from friends to family. The most important thing to remember, is that addiction is a disease. These people aren’t trying to hurt their families, they are sick and need help.

Oftentimes, drug addiction is not the only health issue the person is suffering. They could be using the drugs to self medicate for pain, depression, or other issues. It is because of this that it is important for addicts to get help and find out what caused their lapse into addiction to help them heal on all fronts.

On The Addict

The effects of drugs on the addict themselves can be many, and they will all flow into the other categories you’ll read here. They could lose their job, they could lose their family, they could even lose their life. Addiction causes them to need their drug of choice, to need that high, and until they go through recovery there is no way to know what all needs to be done for them to truly break free of the drugs.

Addiction is also bad for the body and the mind. It damages your internal organs, especially your liver. Certain drugs can cause tooth loss and decay, while others can make you permanently crazy. And there is always the risk of overdose.

The Problem of Drugs in the Americas

On Their Family

Not only does having the substances in your home risk the lives of your children, but the moods that you take on when you’re high, or not high, could be psychologically damaging to your significant other and children. You might even do something to harm them when you are in a state of duress.

On Their Work

Your bad attitude could come to work with you as well, and cause you to improperly talk to bosses. Worse yet, if you run heavy machinery you could be putting yourself or others at risk if you are coming to work high. Even if you don’t hurt yourself or another person, you could lose your job simply for coming to work high.

On Their Life

In general, drug abuse affects every part of your life. You could have your children taken away, your spouse or significant other might leave you. You might even go into debt because you are using all your money to buy your next fix rather than paying your bills.

It’s never too late to get help. Talk to your doctor, check into rehab. Don’t let this disease ruin your life or the lives of the people around you.

During rehab you can find out the underlying cause of your need for drugs, and learn how to live your life again, without them.

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