How To Turn Your Dream Of Being A Makeup Artist Into Reality

While not every little girl, or boy for that matter, dreams of doing makeup, some do. A dream of being a makeup artist isn’t always about doing makeup for the stars or models on the runway. FX makeup starts in a makeup artist class too.

It depends, very much so, on what type of makeup artist you want to be when it comes to picking your classes. According to London MakeUp School, a career as a makeup artist can be a rewarding one, but you need to have some skills in order to succeed.

How To Turn Your Dream Of Being A Makeup Artist Into   Reality

The Skills You’ll Need

Becoming a makeup artist is more than just learning how to apply makeup. You need to be artistic and creative in order to be successful. You must understand what colors look well with others, the differences in skin tone and how makeup looks on those different tones.

Do you have a feel for what colors go well together? Do you understand how a spotlight or being on camera effects that way your makeup looks? These are things you need to know and understand in order to be a makeup artist for TV or stage. You can learn it, but you also need to understand it.

If you want to be in FX makeup and create monsters and fantastic beings you also need to understand the anatomy of the human face and how bone structure works. You need to know how to make fake things look realistic.  You need to have an eye for these things.

The Classes You Need

Required classes and hours of schooling will really depend on what type of makeup artistry you are going into. It will also depend on the licensing laws in the state or country in which you live. Take some time to look into these things before you commit to a class!

There are special schools out there for people that want to go into FX makeup, and many who want to learn fashion makeup can do so through a makeup school, cosmetology, or even a modeling school.

Being A Successful Student

You’ll definitely need to do more than just show up for class in order to be a successful beauty school student. You’ll also want to invest in more than just your classes. There are many things a makeup artist needs to become a professional.

Purchasing good quality makeup application equipment can be a great investment in your future as a makeup artist. This ensures you’ll have tools that will last and work wonderfully. Quality makeup itself is also important.

It’s not hard to succeed at this career if you have the drive and the creativity. It can be a very lucrative career also, since there will always be women and movie stars in need of someone professional to paint their faces!

If you got into FX makeup you may find yourself working on science fiction movies, horror films or even films where you make fake cuts and gashes. It can be fun creating something out-of-this world or frightening.

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