Treating Nasal Problems In Children.

Some children tend to have sinus issues when they are very young, and you can help them by knowing the symptoms and deciding when to seek treatment.

Your Child’s Nasal Passages

Children seem to forever have runny noses, and sometimes the culprit is a simple cold. Other times, however, it may be something that needs more aggressive treatment. The nose doesn’t look large from the face, but its passages lead through the child’s nostrils to the back of his throat.

The nose helps to moisten, warm and clean the air your child inhales, to allow for healthy lungs. In order to clean the air, the nose uses a thin fluid layer known as mucous. It produces a bit of mucous every day, and most of it is swallowed.

When this mucous dries out, it may become crusty. If there is a blockage, it can drain from the front of your child’s nose. Large adenoids sometimes cause a blockage in the drainage paths of mucous, states Kids-ENT.

Other causes of blockage inside the nose include a pathway that is too small and a deviated septum (this is the wall that exists between the nostrils). Swollen tissues in the lining of the side of your child’s nose may cause problems, as may foreign objects stuck inside the nose. These are often evidenced by foul-smelling breath.

Problems in your Child’s Nose

Overproduction of mucous can be caused by sinusitis, colds or other infections. Allergies may cause your child’s nose to produce a lot of clear drainage. These may also be reactions to dust or irritating fumes.

When your child has a sinus infection, you may notice a difference in the consistency of his mucous. It may be white, yellow or green. Clear drainage is often caused by allergies, but may also be seen with bacterial or viral infections. Sometimes you may spot a small bit of blood, usually caused by local irritations.

Mild Breathing Difficulties

Obstructions in the nose may be naturally caused, by anatomical problems. Usually, children only have this problem some of the time. If their nasal lining has swollen from infection or allergies, this can lead to mild breathing issues, too. As a rule, internal examinations of your child’s nose will be needed in order for your specialist to make a diagnosis that is completely accurate.

Treating Nasal Problems In Children.Allergies may cause nasal problems in children. Any child can develop allergies, but if you have them as well, there is a greater chance that they will have allergies.

Symptoms of allergies include:

  • Asthma
  • Skin rashes
  • Food allergies
  • Hay fever, technically called allergic rhinitis

The most common allergy in children is allergic rhinitis. It may cause nasal congestion, postnasal drip, sneezing and an itchy, runny nose. Children with allergies may also display chronic ear problems and watery, itchy, red eyes.

If your child has hay fever, it may occur any time of year, and it doesn’t actually cause a fever. Identifying your child’s nasal problems early will help improve the quality of their life and decrease the number of days they miss in preschool or school.

Nasal Congestion

If your child has chronic congestion, there is a good chance it is caused by allergies. He may even breathe through his mouth if his nose is very congested. This occurs more often while sleeping, and may cause your child to get non-restful sleep. If these problems are not treated, they may even result in abnormal bone and tooth growth, according to the

Ear Infections and Allergies

Allergies cause inflammation within the ear and can also bring on an accumulation of fluid that causes decreased hearing and ear infections. Should this happen while your child learns to talk, he may have poor development of speech.

Allergies can also cause ear itching, stopped up ears (fullness), popping of the ears and earache. If your child has these symptoms, you will want to take him to your physician for proper diagnosis and treatment.





Dr. Michael Barakateis a pediatric and adult otolaryngologist in Sydney, Australia.  For more information on ENT surgery and ENT disorders, visit

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