Venom Treatment: Arthritis, Pancreatic Cancer ,Muscle Dystrophy.

Being bitten by dangerous insects is painful and the threat of potentially harmful toxins in venom can also be great. However, based on research done by scientists throughout the world, some of these seemingly harmful venom can actually be beneficial to the medical industry because of certain properties that can cure serious health conditions.

Since venom are biologically active, their chemical concoctions serve as a natural resource for scientists to study and develop, which many of them have already been developed into drugs.

Treating Arthritis With Cobra Venom

Cobras are considered highly venomous and thousands of deaths are blamed on cobras in Asia, most especially in India. However, based on the Indian traditional medicinal system, cobra venom have been used to treat an array of health conditions for years. Based on such traditional uses of cobra venom, further studies have been done to determine how effective and beneficial cobra venom truly is. Studies focus on the possibility of using cobra venom to improve arthritis. In fact, current research highlights male rats being induced with arthritis and then treated with enough doses of cobra venom which provided satisfactory results.

Treating Pancreatitis / Pancreatic Cancer With Scorpion Venom

Just like the peptide in tarantula venom, the antarease compound offers medicinal benefits because of its ion channels effects. The compound when ejected into victims of scorpions can often cause pancreatitis which is a severe inflammation of the pancreas. However, when the purified compound is injected into the pancreatic tissue, the pancreas’ control of the digestive enzymes, insulin and proteins which can cause inflammation is disrupted. Generally, pancreatitis is commonly caused by alcohol abuse and gallstones which can lead to pancreatic cancer. As such, more studies are underway to further understand the complexities of pancreatitis and establish a better treatment plan using scorpion venom for it.

Treating Cancer With Bee Venom

A protein called melittin found in bee venom that often causes inflammation after being ejected during a sting can be altered to create a beneficial drug. Melittin can help deliver therapeutic drug compounds to damaged cells in a patient’s body. When associated to the membrane of nanoparticles, it can help the protein function effectively and accurately, without disrupting its normal function. Thorough research is being done to make sure its safety and effectiveness as an anticancer therapy.

Treating Muscle Dystrophy With Tarantula Venom

Venom Treatment:  Arthritis, Pancreatic Cancer ,Muscle Dystrophy.A peptide called GsMtx-4 found in tarantula venom was used to study the function of ion channels on the membranes of muscle cells to determine what would happen in the muscle tissue when you turn the channels on and off and what would effectively inhibit the channels. When the peptide was isolated it was able to effectively turn the channels off which means a sufficient amount of muscle stress in muscle dystrophy can be reduced and muscle activity improved. This type of muscle stress in muscular dystrophy can cripple young children.

These are not the only venom being studied by researchers and scientists all over the world. As more studies are made on such natural sources of curing various illnesses, an array of health conditions may be easily and affordably cured all over the world. Considering these benefits, it is safe to say that while such insects can be deemed dangerous and a nuisance, their existence serves not only beneficial to the environment, but to health as well.

Valerie Williams is a freelance writer specializing in natural methods of pest control. She regularly contributes articles to pest control websites that offer various pest control services such as scorpion control.

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