Top Low Impact Workouts For A High Calorie Burn.

We all know the benefits of regular exercise, healthier bodies, better sleep, more motivation and improved mental health are just a handful of great reasons to get off your bum and do something active. You don’t just have to stick to jogging round the park either; there are so many workout options available these days you’ll be spoilt for choice.

However, if you’ve got an old injury or you suffer from a condition that affects your joints then many forms of exercise will be too strenuous and could lead to further pain. But don’t worry, there are still lots of low impact options that will help you keep fit without making your injuries or conditions worse.

Here are a few of the top low impact workout that still have a high calorie burn.

Top Low Impact Workouts For A High Calorie Burn.Walking

If jogging or running is too much for your joints to cope with, drop to a slower pace and walk instead. Walking engages nearly every muscle in your body and there are plenty of ways to increase the calorie burn without making it high impact.

Try changing speed, alternating slow and fast walking. You could also try hiking up a hill or walking up steps for added resistance. You don’t have to walk for miles, just 10 minutes a day will make a difference if you’re an exercise newbie.

Calorie burn: around 180 calories for every 45 minutes of walking.


You don’t have to take to the high seas to get the benefit of this form of exercise. Rowing machines are one of the most underused pieces of equipment in the gym, and they’re great for strengthening your upper body.

Rowing helps your posture, improves your cardio fitness and the faster you go the more calories Top Low Impact Workouts For A High Calorie’ll burn!

Calorie burn: roughly 333 calories for 45 minutes on the machine.


Swimming is a universal activity, even if you’re carrying a few extra pounds, have mobility issues or suffer from arthritis, you can still get in the pool. If you’re just starting out then try 30 minutes of slow laps and gradually build it up.

The best thing about this form of exercise is that you don’t need any special swimming equipment. Just a bog standard swimming costume or trunks will do the job. If you’re worried about bearing all in public just pop a light weight t-shirt on before you get in the pool.

Calorie burn: around 333 calories doing a slow-paced freestyle swim for 45 minutes.

Top Low Impact Workouts For A High Calorie Burn.Other low impact form of exercise include cycling, Zumba, step climbing, and elliptical trainers. If you’re worried about injuring yourself when you exercise then speak to your doctor before you start and see what they recommend.

The best way to prevent injuries is to make sure you do a proper warm up and cool down in your exercise routine that includes stretches. For those of you that are new to exercise it might be best to book a session with a personal trainer so they can show you the safest ways to prepare your body for exercise.

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Rob Rudd has been writing for health and fitness websites for several years. He feels he is quite remarkable as he can get a sporting injury from even the gentlest of sports. However, he doesn’t want to put anyone else off and just recommends that you take it easy!

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