Top Home Improvements That Will Increase The Value Of Your House.

If you are planning to sell your house on in the next few years, then you need to make the most of the time that you have in it now. You could be doing loads of things to increase the value of the property, so that when the time comes to sell it, you can get the most amount of money possible for it.

Buying and selling houses is a costly affair, so it’s important that you get yourself set up so that you stand to gain as much from you house as you can.

Start now by considering these home improvements that are sure to add value to your home:

A New Kitchen

Top Home Improvements That Will Increase The Value Of Your House.License: Creative Commons image source

Every house needs a kitchen with the ‘wow factor’, so make sure that yours has the desired effect by installing a new kitchen. Choose something that fits in with the style of your house, and make sure the colors are neutral so that they don’t put buyers off. Make sure the design includes plenty of storage such as shelving and lots of units. Give the room a lick of paint to set the kitchen off beautifully. If you make it nice enough, you may change your mind about moving altogether!

An Extension

Any sort of extension will add value to your property, so how about adding a garage? Some people convert their loft space to add another bedroom to the house – this is a great way of improving your house, and it will make it appeal to many more potential buyers. Some people choose to extend the ground floor of the house so that an extra or bigger reception room is added. Or, how about adding a conservatory to the back of the house to create a wonderful suntrap and an extra room? The possibilities are endless. Even getting the planning permission for an extension will push the value up – so you may as well apply now as it takes some time to come through.

Upgrade the Flooring

Top Home Improvements That Will Increase The Value Of Your House. License: Creative Commons image source

The floors of a house are really important, so why not start by getting all the bedrooms, the hall, the stairs and the landing re-carpeted? Old carpets can really put sellers off – they harbor lots of dirt and grime and make the house feel a little grubby. As for the downstairs, why not install some beautiful hardwood flooring in the kitchen and the lounge? It’ll be a big outlay but you will certainly get your money back when it is time to sell.

There are so many ways you can improve your house that it’s really easy to add value to the property. You just have to spend a little money and think creatively about ways in which you could enhance it. Imagine you are coming around to view the house – what would you change and what would you like to see? Ask a friend for an objective opinion if you are struggling. A little effort now will mean that you will cash in when the time comes to sell.






The author of this post is Ridley Pierce, a part of the team at Broadway Hardwood Flooring, providers of hardwood floors in Ontario. An avid basketball fan, Ridley idolizes Michael Jordan.

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