Top Gift Ideas For Girls Under 8.

As a parent it can be rather difficult to know exactly what a girl under age of 8 wants for a birthday present as well as there being other aspects to consider such as always buying the same type of present each year and getting stuck in a form of present buying rut.

Well this article is here to help and guide you towards the ideal birthday gift for a girl under 8 years old.

Gifts and Presents for Girls Under 8

As well as the traditionally obvious gifts like dolls, little prams and so on that are often bought as a present for young girls there is now a multitude of toys and gifts available to buy that will make a refreshing change!

Young girls will no doubt crave a present with a touch more originality and thought behind as it will provide a break from the norm!

Top Gift Ideas For Girls Under 8.Below are a few ideas we hope will help you decide what to buy as a birthday gift for a girl who is under the age of 8: –

  • Fun Umbrella – small umbrellas with animal prints or favorite characters can be a fantastic birthday present for a girl under the age of 8, the umbrella is a different idea due to it having a practical use and may be a great way to get them to go out for a walk if that is not their favourite activity.
  • Pillow Pets – Pillow pets are very cute stuffed animals crossed with a pillow that enable children to put their head on to sleep or cuddle up to. The pillow pets are very much-loved and are proving very popular among girls within the UK, making them a great birthday gift.
  • Watering-can Sets – these are appealing to children due in part to the vibrant colours and age appropriate images on the watering-can.Can be used by children to help parent’s water plants and even may encourage them to grow their own little plant and therefore, can be very educational.
  • Cookie and Cupcake Baking Sets – ideal birthday gift for girls that want to be creative, have fun and to learn a little about baking, this would be a great birthday present for parents to help their daughter with.
  • Magical Fairy Flowers – Sow and grow your own fairy flowers for girls aged 6+ is a perfect fun and educational gift; the seeds planted turn into a mixture of fairy flowers.
  • Power Popper – a toy gun that fires foam balls at a rapid speed and is great fun for girls, boys and even adults. This really is something a little different from the normal present.
  • Microwavable Animalsmicrowavable toys and teddy’s are a fantastic gift idea for young girls. These toys are definitely different and are something of a novelty for children and the animals available rang from owls to Giraffes.

An important theme running through most of the gifts mentioned is individuality and to an extent responsibility and growing up

Given we were all kids ourselves we understand the desire to grow up quickly yet have the parental desire to slow the process down, gifts such as their first umbrella, watering kits to teach about life and responsibility and baking sets to teach about food are great for achieving a compromised approach.

This article was written by Lisa, the expert on gifts for girls here at What 2 Buy 4 Kids.

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