Top Four Uses For Rubbish:What and How you Recycle,Re-Use.

In the UK alone we throw away millions of tonnes of rubbish every year. Much of this ends up in landfills and yet there are ever-growing ways in which we can use the rubbish we throw away to create new and useful products.

Here we take a look at the various ways in which things that we consider to be rubbish can actually be used to offer some everyday solutions to our lives.

1. Rubbish Bricks

In the UK around 350 million bricks are made each year and at the same time millions of tonnes of broken glass and ash from industrial waste incinerators is sent to landfill. Researchers have now seemed to have developed the perfect solution that brings these two products neatly together.

Researchers from the Engineering and Physical Sciences research Council have found a way to build from rubbish. This ingenious building solution is called the ‘Bitublock’. The Bitublock is a building block which combines waste ash and crushed glass along with bitumen to provide a real alternative to the traditional concrete building block. The blocks can be made to contain up to 100% waste material and if they were to be rolled out to full-scale production they could easily make use of almost 60% of waste incinerator ash.

2. Recycled Plastic Lumber

Almost every home in the UK buys soda pop or other drinks which come in plastic bottles. As a result there are thousands of plastic pop bottles thrown away o a daily basis. Plastic bottles however, are great for recycling and can be recycled time and time again. They are melted down and moulded to form new shapes, namely plastic lumber. This is the perfect replacement for traditional wooden decking, walkways and board walks. It is in use all over the Uk in RSPB reserves and various nature reserves. You might also have seen it in use as picnic tables and park benches. Plastic lumber is a great solution to dealing with the huge amount of plastic we throw away.

Top Four Uses For Rubbish:What and How you Recycle,Re-Use.3. Briquette Log Maker

Here’s a great solution for all those unwanted newspapers and magazines we all throw away. The briquette log maker is a simple mechanical device which compresses unwanted newspapers and paper to form solid and sturdy briquettes. These briquettes are then ideal for use on the BBQ or in log burning, multi fuel stoves. The log maker provides a natural, non toxic fuel block which can burn steadily for up to 2 hours.

4. Create a Bottle Path

Save old glass wine bottles and create a unique feature in your garden path. Simply by digging a hole that is the depth of the wine bottle, then insert your different coloured wine bottles neck down along each other to fill the space. Now pour concrete into the spaces and wait for it to set. Polish away any spillage off the bottle bases and hey presto! a sturdy and attractive feature to your garden path.

It is important that we all try to reduce the amount of rubbish we throw away. If you have any creative ideas to help reduce our domestic waste, then drop us a line in the comments box below.



Daniel Basingstoke is a retired entrepreneur with a passion for environmental issues.  Armed with a bottle bank in the garden and a waste compactor in the kitchen, he is determined to save the world, one binful at a time.

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