Lady/Woman Playing Golf: Top 5 Fashion Essentials For The Lady Golfer

You can bet that if there are ladies involved in the sport, then there would be fashion do’s and don’ts involved. Golf is not excluded. It is actually one of the perfect sports for you as a lady as it does not involve too much physical involvement, you can work your outfit to the full! Considering you will be playing out in the field on warm sunny days, and in a posh golf club to cap it all off, you better look good!

There are basic essentials to your golfing outfit, but before we launch off into that, there is a bit of knowledge you need to have about the fabrics these articles of clothing should be made from. You should always go for moisture-wicking fabrics.

Top 5 Fashion Essentials For The Lady GolferThis is a new style of fabric that keep moisture away from your body, meaning you still feel cool, as compared to a fabric like cotton that sticks onto your body instead. This fabric is perfect for golf, as you will be playing out in the sun. Stretchy, figure-hugging materials are also good to give you that perfect look for your golfing escapade.

Now that you have the materials down, take a lot at the must haves in your golfing outfit!

  1. The skort

Nope, no spelling mistake there. The skort is a cross between a skirt and short and is great for golfing. It actually is a short skirt that has a pair of shorts underneath, making it one of the most comfortable, and fashionable articles of clothing .

The design of the skort first evolved in the ‘60s as more and more ladies got involved in the sport. Back then, it was more of a functional piece of clothing than anything attractive. Now however the skort comes in a range of lengths depending on how modest you are and an even wider array of colours, from neon to darker, more subtle colours.

  1. The top

The polo shirt used to be the only top that you could see with golfers, both male and female, back in the day. Now there is more choice for ladies. You could wear anything from a cute little tee or a long-sleeved shirt. Sleeveless tops are also catching on quite fast.

There are also full outfits offered for sale in sporting apparel shops, colour coordinated skorts and a nice top to go with them, perfect!

  1. Hat

This is a multi-functional element of your golfing outfit that you should not try to do without. Not only does it keep hair out of your face while you are playing, it also prevents major sunburns on your face while you are playing. If you love yourself, you will not go out to the course without one!

The hat is not only functional; it is also a fashion accessory.  Sure, most ladies go out in caps, but they are just not ordinary caps are they? You should choose a shade that complements your skin tone, hair colour or outfit, and a shape that works for your face.

The more fashion-conscious ladies are going out into the golf course in a visor. If you are feeling glamorous, then go ahead!

  1. Shoes

You certainly will not get away with your heels on the golf course-you might not even be allowed into the field by the owners as you might ruin it-but this does not mean you cannot have fashionable shoes.

Golf shoes come in a range of colours and styles, and you cannot miss a pair that will go perfectly with your outfit. While professional golfers appear to lean more towards the traditional colours, there is nothing stopping you from getting creative. You can even choose to do away with the golf shoes altogether and go for a pair that is still functional, but which looks better.

  1. Sun glasses

You are going to peer out into the wide golf course in the scorching sun for your ball; the least you can do is offer your eyes some protection. In addition, why not be stylish while you are at it? A good pair of sunglasses can make you look, and feel, like a million bucks.


This article was written by Chad, a golfer who loves playing at PGA village.

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