Top 5 Most Annoying Toys for Parents; Toys to Avoid Buying for Kids

Rare are the toys that your kid will not love, or play with even for a little while. Finding the perfect toy for your little ones is not really a problem. Kids are very easy to entertain, and there are so many great toys your child will love. However, there is another thing you should take into account, other than whether the toy will delight your kid, and this is you.Top 5 Most Annoying Toys for Parents Toys to Avoid Buying for Kids

Parents often have troubles with more than loud toys, and this is why you should be very careful when selecting a toy for your child noise-wise. Moreover, toys don’t have to make a lot of noisy sounds to test your patience – they can repeat same things over and over.

How to Know Which Toys Have a ‘Tendency’ to Annoy Parents

When it comes to very annoying toys, you will be spoilt for choice. There are forums and whole websites devoted to noisy and annoying toys. Parents talk about annoying toys all the time, on the one hand to relieve the stress caused by these same toys, and on the other hand, to warn uninformed parents about what they should be wary of toys-wise.

What Are the Top 5 Most Annoying Toys?

Without further ado, here is a list of the top 5 toys you don’t want your child to have:

1.Musical instruments of any kind – Musical instruments are probably one of the worst choices you can make when it comes to buying toys. At first you may think that it would be cute to watch your toddler playing synthesizer, but as soon as you take a step back into reality, you’ll realize that it cannot play any instruments. However, it is then late to take away the instrument away from the toddler that will by that time be already too enthusiastic about his ability to ‘play’.
2.Paint, crayons – Any drawing tool is fun for kids, but it is a real headache for parents who have to clean up after painting lessons. Not only will you have to find all the crayons, clean the room, watch that your child does not eat any crayons, but you will also have to be prepared for the site – your kid covered in paint from head to toes.
3.Makeup sets – This type of toy is as inconvenient for parents as paints and crayons. Girls will be mesmerized by this set, but at the end of the day they will realize that they cannot put the makeup in the same way as their moms, and the mom will have to clean everything up.
4.Karaoke devices – Anything that allows your kid to sing and dance, be it a microphone, a karaoke machine is a no for parents. Remember, kids like to sing, and they still cannot balance their ‘loudness’ levels.
5.Any talking toy – Prior to buying a talking doll, animal or any other toy that ‘can’ talk, consider this – these toys usually know only a few sentences, they are very loud, and there are many batteries in the world.

The next time you decide to surprise your kid with a new toy, be sure to have these annoying toys in mind, and by all cost, avoid buying them.

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