Top 5 Accessories For Working Women That Are Must-Haves

Women love accessories because they beautifully adorn an outfit. Whether we’re talking about jewelry and purses, or about watches and sunglasses, one’s thing’s for sure – the right accessories can make the simplest outfit look like a million dollars. Every modern woman should master the art of color-matching; although it’s nice to look cheeky and colorful, you risk looking like a Christmas tree if you can wear all the jewelry that you own at once. In fashion, less is always more. Here are 5 essential accessories for white collar women that are must-haves.

Top 5 Accessories For Working Women That Are Must-Haves

  1. Oversized handbag

Working women must own an oversized handbag. Of course, you can’t just pick the largest, ugliest bag you can find at a flea market. It has to be stylish, look chic and scream high-quality. Oversized bags make a woman’s waist look really thin. It’s perfect for the office because it can accommodate all kinds of things such as: laptop, notebooks, agenda, tablet, iPhone, healthy snacks, and more. You can match it with a nice scarf or hat, although don’t try too hard. Having shoes, bag, scarf and lipstick in the same shade is not cool. If you can’t afford to invest in a Chanel or Louis Vuitton bag, stick to brands that are more accessible such as H&M or Zara, but under no circumstances opt for a fake.

Many women who wear knock-offs assume that nobody can tell the difference. That’s not true, and here’s a simple example: wearing a Louis Vuitton handbag means you can afford expensive shoes and accessories, too. You can’t just wear cheap $20 pumps and brag with an authentic LV bag. It’s just not possible.

  1. Statement signet ring

Rings are an excellent way of accentuating your beautiful hands. This season, we’re celebrating bold, imposing rings that can be worn on a daily basis, even at work. Don’t adorn your hands with too many pieces and stay away from flashy nails. Stick to a classic French manicure in order to allow your signet rings to shine. Opt for quality and choose yellow gold; this precious metal is back in style and it’s everything you need to make a whole outfit stand out. A more accessible option is silver; a signet rings made of silver can be beautifully matched with a discreet necklace. You want to look professional at work, but there’s nothing wrong with looking pro-chic.

Statement signet ring

  1. High-quality watch

The current marketplace is packed with extraordinary women’s watches. Starting from the most delicate Guess watches to the most exclusive Rolex variants. It’s a good idea to wear a practical timepiece at the office, so you may want to leave your golden Cartier at home. As an alternative, opt for an interesting Michael Kors wristwatch; it’s sportier and more suitable for a working woman with a high position in a HR company. Don’t forget to match your timepiece with the rest of your accessories, and try to keep things simple. Stick to a discreet bracelet and a matching necklace. If you like to dress more masculine, choose a watch with a leather strap. It will complement the look and make the whole outfit seem classy.

High-quality watch

  1. High-heel shoes

Today’s modern woman can easily spend 8 hours on high-heel shoes, and still be able to go shopping at the end of the day. We’re not talking about 12 inch pumps, sandals or Lady Gaga shoes here, but about pointed ankle boots with a thick heel and long boots with a platform. Looking taller makes women feel confident, but it’s equally important to be comfortable. Thick heels provide stability, and high quality materials such as leather mold perfectly on your feet.

  1. Colorful scarf

Why colorful? Because office attire usually comes in gloomier shades of black, gray, brown and burgundy. Wear a colorful scarf over your coat and thus you’ll look chic and trendy until you get to the office. Nobody can blame you for wanting to make an impression on the street; and if you can’t do that with black and gray, you will definitely succeed with a turquoise/fuchsia scarf.

Women should pay close attention to their accessories when going to work. Confidence has to be felt, and you can definitely make that happen with an oversized bag, colorful scarf and a nice pair of pointed high-heel ankle boots. Feel beautiful at the office and wear the simplest yet the most important accessories if you want to make an impression and stand above the crowd without looking superficial.


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