Top 4 Resources Every Small Business Owner Should Utilize.

Managing a small business is tough, regardless of your specialist area or chosen field. Whether it is worrying about money, managing higher than expected growth, or dealing with demanding clients, every day is guaranteed to be as mentally tiring as the previous one.

Add in the lack of days off, holidays, and the absence of any sort of life in general, and you start to see why business owners are a unique breed.

However, being a small business owner is not an exercise in continually staring into the abyss. Part of this is due to the positive attitude that small business owners and entrepreneurs have. One other element is the resources that you can use to make your life easier.

Top 4 Resources Every Small Business Owner Should Utilize.Here are four that you should consider necessary to your business operation.

Mobile Applications

Out of everything we’re going to discuss here, mobile applications probably have the ability to make your life easier to a greater extent than anything else does. Here are just some of the possibilities you have for making the use of applications as business resources.

  • Document scanning apps that can turn anything into a PDF and instantly be emailed.
  • Accounting apps that mean you don’t have to pay fees to an expensive finance professional.
  • CRM-focused apps that fill your calendar with appointments and reminders, even extending to follow up phone calls and emails.
  • Help-desk apps for dealing with client queries.

The list could go on; if you’re not making use of apps, then you’re missing a trick and the chance to save time.

Managed Hosting

As a small business, your website is your lifeline to the outside world, the place where people are going to connect with you and discover what you have to offer. However, you’re not going to want to spend every hour of the day worrying about your website.

Instead, pay the little extra so that you can enjoy the services of a managed VPS host solution who can deal with any issues and just send you a summary at the end of each week. Why spend time doing technical stuff when you can be managing and growing your business?


This will depend on your business and how many clients you’re trying to satisfy, but freelancers can be a valuable resource for you, even if you’re only using them until you’re able to make time to embark on a recruitment process.

Making the most of the freelancers is simple; you have to treat them as you would an employee. Use a platform such as Podio to keep your team together and communicate objectives and feedback.

Social Media Software

While using a platform like Hootsuite for all of your social media output is never a good thing, the reality of the small business owner is that five minutes here and there can quickly add up. Set yourself up so that you’re scheduling one or two posts each day, to keep your name out there, and then post yourself when you can.

Growing Your Business

The extent to which you use each of these resources will depend on the nature and success of your business. However, you should give due consideration to each of them, and make sure they are all in your ‘toolkit’ to use should you feel you need them.





Robert McKinley is a technology expert who works with small businesses looking to streamline their operations. Robert has an extensive network of contacts across the industry that can help him to make clients’ lives easier.

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