Toddler’s Safety: How To Keep Your Toddler Safe In The House

If you’re new to parenting then child proofing your home can feel like a daunting task. To make it easier here are some great tips on toddler safety and how to keep your toddler safe in the house.

Firstly let’s look at some of the most dangerous hazards a typical home will have.


Toddler’s Safety How To Keep Your Toddler Safe In The House

If your home has a pool make sure that it is well fenced and that there is nothing laying around that your child could use to climb over it. Also if you are inside with your child it is a good idea to have your doors locked so that they cannot venture outside to the pool or streets.


If you have stairs in your home be sure to purchase some stair gates so that your toddler cannot fall down them and injure themselves badly. Be sure to check that they are secure and cannot be knocked down.

Hazardous Chemicals

Make sure that any hazardous chemicals or materials are stored up high out of reach or in a cupboard that can be locked. Your child may know what ‘no’ means but if you are out of sight their curiosity can get the better of them.


Have any medicines and vitamins stored high or in a medicine cabinet. To kids they look like yummy lollies and they will devour them as bad as they may taste. It’s a good idea to keep doctors and hospital numbers by the phone so that if your child does happen to swallow something you can call them right away.


Children can drown in the smallest of baths. Always stay in the bathroom when your child is bathing and empty it as soon as they are out. If your phone rings or someone knocks on the front door don’t walk away. Take them with you if you need to answer the phone or to see who is knocking on the front door.

Check that the temperature of the bath is ok before putting your child in it. A great way to know if it is ok is to run the water on your wrist, if you can’t really feel it than it is perfect. If you can feel the warmth then it is most likely too hot for your child.


When you are cooking be sure to keep any pot handles facing to the back of the oven. If you don’t there is always the possibility of your child getting a hold of it and burning themselves badly. Use the back hot plates on the oven and only use the front ones if you really need to.
Keep any knives and other sharp objects in a ‘childproof’ drawer. You can buy child locks from most grocery stores if you don’t have any. These are great for the pantry too.

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