Tips on Using Movavi Photo Studio to Create Stunning Photographs

Movavi Photo Studio is suitable for editing any lifestyle photo such as photos of delicious recipes you cook yourself, photos that show yourself wearing fashionable clothes, photos of houses, gardening photos and etc. Normally, the photo will look unprofessional without any editing. So, it is necessary to have a basic photo editing program like Movavi Photo Studio on your computer.

With more advanced photo editing software, it can be a pain to edit a photo since the program is not easy to use and requires you to have a lot of training. Movavi Photo Studio is suitable for you if you are a beginner and have absolutely no idea how to operate an advanced photo editing software. Every single feature in the software is easy to use for beginner and can be accessed by buttons that are located at the right side bar. There are steps in the software that provides walkthrough on how to use the feature.

Movavi Photo Studio features a batch processing feature that allows you to apply the same setting to multiple photos in a blink of an eye. The batch processing tool is available for all kinds of image editing features including rotate, convert to another format, resize, and rotate. Before you use the batch processing tool, you will want to manually go through the folder of photos and make sure applying the same setting to all the photos is exactly what you want. It is better to always save backups of the original photos prior to editing them. Get more details at


Movavi Photo Studio can be used to remove any inappropriate object that makes the photo looks cluttered. It can be used to remove blemishes on the skin so that the skin of the model in the photo looks perfect. When the object is erased, its background will be refilled based on the pattern of the surrounding background. The refilled background of the area that once contained the erased object is completely computer generated but you can use a clone stamp to make it look more perfect. The clone stamp tool Is found in the Object Removal tab. The clone stamp tool allows you to imitate a pattern and apply the pattern you have imitated on another area.

You can remove the background of the photo with just a single click of a button. There is no need to use an eraser tool as in more complex photo editing tool to erase the background. You just have to simply apply one stroke on each side of the background with the red highlighting tool and click the Removal button to remove the background.

Movavi Photo Studio allows you to use various types of filters to add different types of effects onto the photo. You can apply as many effects as you want to create a unique look on the photo. If your photo is dark, you can drag the brightness slider tool to make the photo look bright. Blurry photos can be corrected easily by using the sharpness slider tool.

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