Turn That Kids Room Into a Bedroom They Love.

If you have a great kids bedroom that you have designed in the same style and theme as the rest of your beautiful home, you may find that the children are not using it as it is meant to be used, and by that we mean that they don’t enjoy the room.

This is down to the fact that what looks nice to the eyes an adult who is always aiming for a particular style, taste and atmosphere does not really have all that in common with children who need a room that will stimulate their imaginations in the daytime, and make them feel safe and sleepy and night-time.

Tips on How to Turn That Kids Room Into a Bedroom They Love.There are ways to make your kids love your bedroom and today we are going to go through some simple methods to turn that kids room into a room they love.

1.) Use Bold Colours

Remember when your children were babies and gravitated towards bright colours like red and purple?

Colours stimulate children and give them energy. They also break up blank space and give a room extra dimension, making it feel more spacious and more warm. Natural tones make children bored, and unlike adults who can easily nod off in a boring room, children tend to get hyperactive instead.

Adding bold colours, preferably in shapes or even images is a great way to give your children a room that stimulates them in the right way instead if of in the wrong way.

2.) Separate the Sleep and Play Area

Many parents worry that turning the kids room into an imaginative jungle will cause havoc at night-time and they are right! Overstimulated children are not very likely to fall asleep soundly in the same room where they have been pirates and captains all day.

Having said that, wouldn’t it be great if kids could use their room for play and sleep? Well, it can be achieved through the separation of the play area and the sleep area (along with the lighting which we will go into next).

Children’s classrooms do this very well through the use if storage boxes, rugs and story books – tools which allow them to quickly convert the same space into a play area,  a reading area and a sit down area: all through the use of storage and a rug!

By doing this, you can actually convert the children’s room into a transformer room: a play area by day and a nice, pleasant sleep area by night.

3.) Lighting

Children, like flowers, thrive in natural light and well ventilated spaces. You would be amazed at how many sleepless nights are down to simple ventilation problems and lighting mistakes. At night-time, children need to feel safe and secure and there is no better friend for such an accomplishment as good lighting.

At the most basic level, a simple dimmer switch can change the mood of the room from energetic to calming and at the more advanced end of lighting you can have fairy lights, lamps, night lights and light displays that will soothe your little ones to sleep, and keep them asleep feeling safe, relaxed and secure.

Simple touches like glow in the dark stickers (that come in many different shapes and sizes) can also be a lovely touch, highlighting the ceiling and the area around the bed for your little ones to focus on, and leaving the rest of the room out of sight and out of mind, allowing their busy brains to get a more restful sleep.

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