Tips To Tighter Abs Before Spring. Keeping Fit and Healthy.

Spring is just around the corner, meaning that it’s soon going to be time when the bulky layers will come off and you’ll start to show a bit more skin.  You’ll have to put in a bit of work if you want to fit into the same bikini you did last year, especially after all that delicious Thanksgiving and Christmas food that you ate.

Tips To Tighter Abs Before Spring. Keeping Fit and Healthy.Tightening up your abs before spring is the way to go, so here are some things that you can do:

  • Stand Up Straight – It’s interesting to note that standing up straight can work wonders for your belly, and keeping good posture can help to suck it in. You’ll look a whole lot slimmer just by standing up straight, as pulling your back straight means that your stomach muscles will be pulled tight. At least if you stop hunching over – a habit you’ve picked up as you’ve tried to stay warm – you’ll be able to look your best as you get out and about.
  • Set a Fitness Goal – Most people make New Years’ resolutions, but they always end up being things like “I will work out” rather than “I will go to X gym X number of times per week”. Be specific with your fitness goals, and make sure that you actually start doing them. By setting a goal, you are giving yourself something to work towards. When you work towards the fitness goals, you’ll find it’s much easier when you can measure your results. Focus on working out every day to get up to 100 crunches, 50 push ups, or 20 pull-ups. Start working out today, focusing on those exercises that will tighten up your abs.
  • Go for Whole Body Exercises – There are certain types of exercise that do more than just tone a certain muscle or burn fat, and these whole body exercises are some of the best for you. Pilates are excellent at toning up your core – which includes your abs, back, and side muscles – and you will find that doing Pilates regularly can be a good way to tighten up those abs in no time. Martial arts and Yoga will also include plenty of core training, and you’ll be able to spend time having fun getting in shape. Make sure that you’re doing workouts that push every muscle in your body, with most of the focus being placed on your core.
  • Work Up to It – If there is one mistake you want to avoid, it’s hitting the New Year too hard. Remember that you’re trying to get into shape, not run a marathon with no prior experience. Start working out as much as you can, and push yourself as much as is safe. Don’t worry if you can’t do all 200 crunches that you could in the summer last year – start out with 30 and work your way back up. Don’t push yourself harder than is safe, as you could end up injuring yourself and making it even more difficult to get in shape (a hernia makes doing ab workouts challenging). Just work up to it, and you’ll find your abs will get tighter in no time.
  • Focus, Focus, Focus – If you want to tighten up your abs, it’s going to require that you spend a good deal of time working on them – and nothing else. You can do workouts to burn fat from the other parts of your body (see the next tip), but you’re really going to have to work to build your stomach muscles in order to tighten up the abs and rebuild that six pack you had before you visited Aunt Gretchen for Thanksgiving. Make sure that you work out your stomach muscles for at least 30 minutes three times a week, and it will get them in shape in no time.
  • Burn the fat – You can get rid of your flab by doing exercise, and you want to burn off the extra pounds due to the fact that they’re obscuring your muscles. Make sure to run, cycle, jog, lift weights, and do other exercises to help burn fat – all in addition to your stomach workouts.

If you want to look your best come summer time, it’s time to start working on tightening up those abs.

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