Tips for Packing and Moving Big, Delicate Furniture; Furniture Sliders.

Tips for Packing and Moving Big Delicate Furniture Furniture SlidersPreparing for a move is never an easy task, especially if you have a lot of household belongings to take care of and a
limited time span to deal with it all. You have to systematically look through everything you own and decide what you want to keep and what to give or throw away, so sooner or later you end up reaching the large, heavy furniture and you start scratching your head, wondering how that giant sofa or bed will pass through the door with the fact the furniture weighs a bit even for two people working together. Sometimes even a few people are having difficulties with old, antique or simply real wood furniture of the kind we all love.

Here are some tips on how to make this work without making things more difficult than they need to be:

1. Purchase sliders from a local hardware store

Sliders will allow you to move the furniture along the floor, providing traction on the furniture end and a sliding surface on the other end so you can have an easier time handling the extra weight as you push it. You can usually find those in the furniture section of any large hardware store or a big chain of stores.

2. Place sliders underneath

Putting them at each corner with the smooth end towards the floor should work for most furniture and you’ll have an easier time moving the object with it. Some pieces of furniture don’t have an easy place you can use to do this, like some older cupboards or wardrobes, so you will have to do the best you can and just place one on each corner as you slide it towards its destination. It will be difficult, but a lot better than having to use the awkward lifting position you’d be forced to use without them.

3. Move the furniture carefully

Don’t over-exert yourself since this is not a race; go slowly and carefully, keeping your back bent and if you’re doing the pushing forward try to pick a lower point in the case of tall pieces of furniture as doing this will lend you more stability. Also remember to remove any pieces of said furniture you can pull out or dismantle since this will lighten the load considerably, such as things like doors or shelves that can be pulled out.

Remember that sliders are meant for use on carpets and if you are moving the object on any other type of surface you can use either broom handles or any other type of round wooden rolling pin-shaped object or for wooden floors use a piece of thick cloth or carpet.

Remember to push evenly as the more you push the less friction you’ll have and it will get slightly easier. Another thing you should follow is to never do this by yourself – anything can happen with large, heavy pieces of furniture since you can get hurt, so make sure someone has your back in this.

Another way of moving heavy objects is to slide several sets of rope underneath the object and have one person hold each end, though that is only possible with long pieces of furniture with an uncomfortable lack of good grip points. Try to get a feel of the way an object feels when you try lifting it and do your best to compensate to keep it level and balanced while carrying it. An don’t forget to make good research before hiring the ultimate among all the removal companies and firms .

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