Moving and Packing Plan: Tips on Packing for a move in the last minute.

Moving house is one of the most time-consuming and cumbersome processes for house owners. In order to make sure that your belongings arrive damage-free at the new place, you need to provide quality packing materials, the right packing techniques and secure transportation. Doing a list of your household’s inventory and packing supplies is a must, but sometimes the circumstances are not the best for the move and we need to move within a short time frame. This is a very tough situation as proper planning and enough time are what secure a successful move.

Moving and Packing Plan: Tips on Packing for a move in the last minute.If you have to relocate quickly and you need to pack in no time, First, decide what you are going to pack on your own and distribute tasks among the helpers (friends, family members, etc.). When time is valuable it can be hard to do a really good packing, but you need to understand that if you don’t pack well your items may easily get damaged during the transportation.

Surf the Internet for good deals on bulk packing materials. Start packing room by room and make sure there aren’t too many people packing close to each other. When dealing with glass and china ask a friend or a relative who has experience with packing fragile items. The key to a quick, but damage-free packing is to give certain tasks to those who can manage with them easily and quickly. For example, your children can pack their toys, clothes and books – these items don’t need special handling or packing techniques, so your children can manage easily by putting them in medium-sized sturdy boxes.

Same applies to electronics – someone who has that experience will deal with this task quicker and more efficiently than someone who has no idea what they are doing. Don’t allow time for trial and error when you need to move fast. Tape the packing and inventory lists for each room onto the walls and ask the people packing to tick the things they have packed and put the number or colour indicating the box these items are in. Just because you have a limited time frame doesn’t mean that you should do things half way – remember to label the boxes accordingly, as this will help you unpack quicker and easier at the new place.

Leave the big furniture pieces and major appliances – after all you will still need your sofa, fridge and dishwasher a day before the moving day. Get enough stretch wrap, moving blankets and at least two dollies of different sizes. When wrapping and moving major appliances (washing-machine, fridge, dishwasher, stove), make sure you have a few helping hands by your side and try not to strain your back too much. Lots of injuries happen while moving fridges and stoves as people often overestimate their strength and skills.

Even if you are in a rush, don’t rush these things – carefully slide the fridge or the washing machine onto the dolly with a moving blanket, fasten it securely and move it to the truck without too much shaking. Don’t forget to provide enough cushioning and padding for each box. Inside the moving truck, no matter how long the transportation is, if anything can move, it will move.

Following these simple tips on quick but efficient packing will help you manage even when you don’t have much time for the move. They are valid both for house removals and office removals.

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