Tips On How To Get That Nice Smile Now.

Many of us do not have natural “smiley” faces and it’s not that people who don’t smile much have something wrong with them but a grin does not come to them naturally. Victoria Beckham (also known as that soccer guy’s wife or Posh Spice) once told a major magazine that she had “insecurities” or that she just felt her smile didn’t feel right.

Tips On How To Get That Nice Smile NowWhen it comes to meeting new people and making waves in the world, it can help unless you are really great at telling witty anecdotes that do over best with a stone-faced delivery. However, a simple smile can be welcoming when meeting new people in professional and social situations.

Now before you go before the mirror to put on your best Ben Stein impression, smile and take notes. Are your teeth spaced out? Does food keep getting caught in the front section or are stains a problem?

While there is no substitute for seeing a dentist on a regular basis, here are some ways to make your smile (whether you mean to or not) more visually appealing.

Baking soda –

For those into the green lifestyle, you know this makes an excellent scouring powder for your kitchen and bathroom. Many forget that baking soda is also safe for daily teeth cleaning. This is also a great way to alternate your normal toothpaste. Those with high blood pressure or sodium intake restrictions may want to consult their physician before doing this on a regular basis.

Chew gum after meals and coffee –

These days, the coffee beverages are so good that we want them to last until lunch. The problem is that those you are communicating with cannot smell hazelnut or salted caramel but something a little less pleasing. If you tend to chew with your mouth open, stick with melts (which are made by oral hygiene companies) or strong mints that dissolve quickly.

Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) –

This is a good alternative for those who cannot handle baking soda as it is extremely high in sodium, which can raise one’s blood pressure. By pouring a little on your toothbrush before applying paste, this can make your teeth whiter without the use of strips or strange home gadgets. It can also remove harmful bacteria that hide in the teeth and gums. Just take a cupful and swish around your mouth for no more than 30 seconds. If you combine this with baking soda or use this alone, be sure that you do not swallow.

Keep travel sizes on hand –

Many large chain drug stores carry travel sizes of floss, toothpaste and mouthwash that can fit inside most any bag or purse. Keeping these at your desk or locker is a great idea as you can practice oral hygiene while on break. If you smoke, add trial size cologne or other fragrance.

While some people are concerned with having white teeth, making sure that foods do not live in your mouth is much more important. Doing these things on a regular basis makes cleaning and maintenance a little easier for you and your dentist down the road.


writes for Lifesure Beauty Insurance. Sandra has had many years of blogging experience on a range of topics including health and beauty.

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