Tips For Managing A High-Stress Job

For some, walking away from the office means clocking out, leaving your job for the day, and returning back home to your personal life without giving it a second thought.  For others, however, their jobs don’t end the moment that they leave the office.  Whether they are still required to receive and reply to incoming mail, calls, or perhaps even be on call to return to the workplace if need be.

Some jobs even leave us responsible for the life of other humans, which can be an enormous weight on our shoulders.

The stress of work can be all consuming. Famous American comedian George Burns, who famously lived to 100, once said, “If you ask what is the single most important key to longevity, I would have to say it is avoiding worry, stress, and tension. And if you didn’t ask me, I’d still have to say it.”

Follow these tips for curbing workplace stress and increase both your physical and mental health.

Eat Breakfast

Studies show that people who eat breakfast have a lower risk of diabetes, as well as better work performance and memory function.  By eating a breakfast rich in whole, real food, we can drastically increase our energy and clarity.

By arriving at a high-stress environment with low blood sugar levels, we can increase our susceptibility to emotional instability, and make decisions based on feelings rather than logic.

Consume Less Substances

People with busy work schedules tend to suffer from exhaustion.  Many professionals remedy this by increased caffeine consumption, or in more serious cases, turn to cocaine or prescription pill abuse which can cause anxiety and anger, confusion and ultimately, addiction.

By avoiding consuming behavior altering substances, we are setting ourselves up for a calmer state of mind, and ability to problem solve with clarity.


Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee next time you feel sluggish, try going for a brisk walk, or run.  Don’t have time? Try doing 5 minutes of jumping jacks in the office bathroom, or in your office.

Exercise increases endorphin production which gives us energy and encourages serotonin production which makes us happy.

Aside from the emotional benefits from exercising, it can also ward off disease, which can be of use to us not only in extending our life but performing better in our endeavors.

Take Breaks

Throughout the day, it is essential to step away from whatever project you are doing and let your mind be still.  Next time you consider eating your lunch while simultaneously working at your computer, don’t!

Studies show that by taking short breaks, you come back to your projects with more energy, inspiration, and mental focus.

Think of taking breaks as a form of professional meditation.  Just as your body needs to sleep, so does your mind.  Treat it kindly.

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