Tips For Making New Friends

Perhaps you’ve just moved to a new city, and are looking to find a sense of community. Or maybe you’ve been a bit antisocial your whole life and are finally ready to step out of your shell.

Making new friends may seem like a simple task for some people and a monumental task for others.  However, with just the right tactics, making friends can be simple for anyone.

Try these tips for meeting new people and watch your social life soar.

Strike Up Conversations

You may be surprised to know that striking up conversations with a complete stranger can be one of the best ways to start a new friendship.  Making small talk with someone who crosses your path may be the link to finding your long lost best friend forever!

The more we interact with people daily in a friendly and talkative way, the more we make ourselves available for relationships.  Whether it’s your bus driver, hair stylist, or just a person next to you in line, make an effort to make a comment.  Try starting with a compliment, or ask a question.

Once you get comfortable with these two forms of striking up conversation, you can begin to get even more creative and confident in your conversation endeavors.

Get a Social Media Account

While friends in the real world are the best kind of friends, social media friends can be a great way to start.

Search for hashtags of places in your area, or things of interest to you such as #bowling or #hulahooping.  You may come across people in your city that interest you and you can request them as a friend.

Once they accept your friend request, start a conversation.  Ask them if they have any recommendations of places to go that are fun.  Chances are if they’re nice, they’ll invite you to come out with them sometime to hang out.

Frequent Bars

A bar is a great place to meet people because it’s an environment specifically centered around inhibitions being low, and striking conversation with new people.

The dim lighting in bars can make people more confident and likely to be more open to new connections.  Often a great way to strike up conversation with a person in a bar is to offer to buy them a drink.

It’s important to maintain a healthy balance, however.  By depending too much on alcohol to give us the courage to talk to new people, we risk developing an unhealthy relationship with booze.

As your Grandmother always said, “Everything in small doses.”

Join a Group

Try joining a group around town whether it be an exercise group or a support group.  Coming together with like minded people who share the same cause is a great way to make friendships.

Check your local newspaper or social media for groups around your area.

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