Tips for making sure your bling always looks its best

Jewelry has the power to replace makeup and doll you up in seconds.  Accessories were originally designed to enhance your attire and adda beautiful touch to your outfit. Women have clothes for every occasion, which means owning a closet full of jewelry consisting of earrings, bracelets, anklets, bangles, necklaces, rings, well the list is endless.

Amongst all these ornamental pieces one of the most unusual one is a Signet Ring. These are made entirely of gold or silver with an emblem or a carving fixed in the center. This signifies the wealth of a person. Signet rings were highly popular in the old days when designer jewelry was not available. Today no outfit is complete without a fancy ring, necklace or pair of ear rings and prefer to wear them on daily basis.

Buying new accessories is enthralling, especially if you can mix and match it with most of your outfits. But maintaining these ornaments is a challenging task. Since this isoxidizedjewelry, it starts to turn black, corrode and look faded and old, even though you just bought it a few months back. Your heart breaks to watch the ornaments tarnish like, especially if they are made of pure gold or silver. Signet rings are one among many ornaments that start to lose color if not kept properly.

Here are a few tips to follow at home to keep your jewelry from tarnishing.

Tips for making sure your bling always looks its best

Keep Them Clean

Jewelry over the monthsstarts to accumulate body oils and moisturizers worn by you, especially if you are wearing a rings on a daily basis. Even the dry skin around your fingers starts to peel off and settle on the ring. The best way to keep your jewelry clean is to polish it with a soft cloth every week. This way the chemicals of your cosmetics will not harm your accessories.

Protect them from chemicals

Store Them Well

When ornaments come in contact with oxygen, they quickly start losing color and turning grey and black. To avoid this you must keep all your jewelry in a closed container or a small pouch. Exposing your jewelry to direct sunlight or heat makes it look worn out and ugly. It immediately starts destroying the color of the ornament.

Protect Them from Chemicals

Rings and also other pieces of jewelry often get tainted due to exposure of chemicals. You may not realize how much harm bath oils, perfumes, moisturizers and other beauty products cause. Be sure to put on moisturizer, hair spray, lotions and perfume before you wear your jewelry. Also take off your jewelry while gardening or showering as water and mud can cause erosion and tarnishing

 Keep Your Gems Shiny

Most rings have a large gem stone placed right in the middle of the ring. These stones are also found in many other pieces of jewelry. Although these stones done turn black, over a period of a time they do turn hazy and dull. This usually happens when colored gems are exposed to direct sunlight or heat. Chemicals like chlorine, bleach, moisturizers, wipe away the shine and make gems stones look eroded and lifeless.

Buy Good Quality Stuff

The quality of jewelry also plays an important role in sustaining its color. If the quality of the product is cheap and artificial, it is likely to getspoilt faster. Make sure you buy all your jewelry with proper warranty in place.

Buy good quality stuff

Rings are mostly made of pure metals like gold or silver. But there are instances where artificial materials are used to make these ornaments. The above tips are perfect to keep all your accessory from eroding and losing color.

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