Tips for Maintaining Limestone Tiles on Floor

Now a day’s, people not only opt for interior designing, they also want to give a touch to the beauty to their home by installing lime tiles on the floor.  These tiles are available in different sizes and can cater to the requirement of the users in the best possible manner. Clients have to make a careful choice as there are different types of limestone tiles available in the market.  There are also certain tips that clients should keep in mind keep in regarding the maintenance of the tiles. All the rules should be followed closely in order to have the best possible service from the tiles.

Proper sealingmaintaining floor tiles

Limestone tiles are highly porous and so it is essential to seal them after regular intervals. The main advantage of sealing is that it can resist stains and dirt from setting deep inside the pores. Once the stains and dirt settle deep inside the pores, therefore it becomes almost impossible to remove them. This is where sealing gains importance. Proper sealing closes the pores and keeps the dirt from settling down deep inside the pores.

Vacuum cleaning

Limestone tiles can also be cleaned with the help of vacuum. With the help of vacuum, it can be cleaned on the regular basis.  Cleaning the tiles with the help of vacuum cleaners on regular basis can keep minor stains and dirt away from the floor. Moreover, it also polishes the surface and can erase the scratches resulting due to walking or dragging something on the floor.


Limestone tiles are reactive to acids and citrus components. Hence, it is better to avoid cleaners that contain these components. It is always better to go for the cleaners that are specially designed for limestone tiles. Acidic cleaners can take a toll on the quality and the beauty of the tiles and so using neutral cleaners is the best choice.


Mopping is good for any type of floor and in case of limestone tiled floors it is better to mop it once in two days. Water mixed with neutral cleaners can be used to mop the floor. However, the mopping cloth should be wringed properly in order to drain the excessive water out. Mopping with too much of water can fill the pores with water and the tiles can lose their glaze. Hence, it is always better to rinse the tiles with minimal water.


Those who want to keep the limestone tiles on their floor in perfect glow should always wipe out the spills as soon as they occur. Prolonged sustenance of the stain on the tiles can result in a permanent damage of the floor. Moreover, such stains also negatively impact the look of the room. The best way to wash the spills is by rinsing the tiles with mild hot water.


Even the most flawlessly sealed limestone tiles can harbor tiny dust particles and dirt inside the pores. This is where steaming gains importance. Steaming makes sure that each and every dust particle is uprooted from the tiles so that they can retain their look for a long time. However, drying the tiles properly after steaming is essential.

Limestone tiles can nowadays be bought over the internet as well. There are many companies that sell these products over the internet and so clients have to be careful enough while making a choice. Clients can also consult a professional expert in this regard in order to have in detailed information about the limestone tiles and the process of maintaining them. They can also avail specialized cleaning services for cleansing the tiles on their floor.

Hope this tips help you to keep limestone tiles floor clean!!! Do you want to know more? Let’s to the details for more information.

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