Tips For Learning To Live Again After Addiction

Addiction is never an easy thing to deal with, and even once you have gotten past your addiction you will still struggle as you learn to live without the thing(s) you once lived for. It doesn’t matter if it was drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or even a sex or food addiction. You still need to make lifestyle changes if you are going to stay clean and addiction free.

It’s not going to be a simple thing to succeed at, and each day will be a struggle to stay in a straight line, but it is possible. The main thing is remembering why you got clean in the first place and finding things to focus on that will help you avoid the need and draw of whatever you were addicted to.

Focus On Health & Wellness

One great way to work toward staying clean, and help heal your body from the damage your addiction has done to it, is to find a new focus on health and wellness. That starts with learning healthy nutrition, even if your addiction wasn’t food related. Eating the right foods can do amazing things to both your body and your mind, and it will help you think clearer.

You should also pick up an exercise routine. Many people that find themselves in an addictive situation are using that thing to self medicate, whether it’s because of depression or some other mental illness. Fitness releases feel good hormones in the brain, which can help battle depression and anxiety and lift your mood.

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Use Your Support System

If you don’t have a good support system it can be really hard to stay clean. That starts with picking the right addiction facility to help you get clean, and picking the right doctors and therapists. You want to make sure your caregivers always have your best interests in mind.

You also want supportive friends and family. For some addicts it can be necessary to get rid of some people in their lives that were enablers when it came to their addiction. Find the people that care and have your health and wellness in mind and don’t be afraid to lean on them when you need to.

Adopt Healthy Hobbies

You also want to find things to help keep you busy so that you can keep your mind off of your former addiction. You want to do new things, especially if you equate old habits with your addiction. Smokers often have to avoid the bar scene if they were more likely to smoke when drinking.

Pick a hobby that works for you. Maybe you need to keep your hands busy so you don’t feel like you need to be holding a cigarette, so you take up painting. Maybe you simply need something time consuming that keeps your mind busy, like reading or doing puzzles.

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