Home Security: Tips on How to Keep your Home Secure Whilst on Holiday.

The last thing that you want to be worrying about when you go on holiday is your home and all of your valuables. There are measures that you can take which can help make sure the safety of your house and your possessions when you go on holiday and these do not have to be expensive options either. By being vigilant and prepared you can help to get that peace of mind which will enable you to relax and truly enjoy your holiday, where ever you decide to go.

  • House Alarm
  • Locked Windows
  • Locked Doors
  • Pets
  • Lights
  • House Sitter

All of these can be a great way to deter people from trying to break into your property whilst you are away enjoying yourself on holiday.

Home Security: Tips on How to Keep your Home Secure Whilst on Holiday. Alarms and Locks

Let’s be honest, good home security is a good thing all round in today’s modern society. There are all sorts of gadgets and devices available on the market to help protect your property. You may wish to invest, or your home may already have a house alarm which can be a great deterrent. By speaking to your local community police officer you may be able to get assistance and recommendations on things to do to secure your home. You may even be able to get them to visit your home so that they can give you specific recommendations. Motion sensitive lights are also something which is cheap, easy to install and helps to keep your home safe. Having locks on all the doors and windows, especially modern doors and windows, is also an excellent way to stay secure. Some of the older and cheaper wooden windows and doors can be easier to break into.

Don’t advertise you are away!

This is a very important point, most burglars are opportunists. By not letting them know you are away and your house is empty you will help to keep them away and your property secure. Make sure that you cancel your milk and the papers as well. These are a tell-tale give away that someone is not home if there is milk outside uncollected and the letter box is full. If you do not wish to cancel them then you may wish to get a friend, neighbour or relative to pop round and take the milk, post and papers inside. They can also turn some lights on for you to give the illusion that someone is inside. You can also purchase automatic timers which can switch on and off lights automatically at a set given time. These are a great gadget to use and do not cost that much either. You can have them throughout the house and have them turning on and off at whatever time you wish.

Getting a house sitter

Another great way to get piece of mind when you are on holiday in Turkey or where ever you decide to go, is to have a trusted friend or member of family stay at your home to look after it. This is also a great option if you have a willing volunteer and have pets to look after. They can look after your house and also any pets that you may have. Also looking after your garden and any houseplants that you have as well, to make sure that everything is exactly the same as when you left. There are even companies which offer this as a professional paid for service. You basically hire someone to look after your home and plants or pets that will also need looking after which will give you that added peace of mind and may also be cheaper than putting your dog in kennels for a couple of weeks. The fact that there is a dog at home is a great deterrent to stop people from trying to enter your house. They might not only get attacked by the dog but a dog will bark and make lots of noise which will draw unwanted attention to the perpetrator.

By doing a little preparation to your home before you go away, or by getting a trusted person to look after your home and any pets that you may have, you can make sure that when it is time to go on holiday, you can truly relax and enjoy yourself. Secure in the knowledge that your home, possessions and pets are safe and sound and waiting for you to return.

This article was written by Ted Hunter on behalf of Travel Republic. Travel Republic offers some of the best holidays in Turkey available. Ted is a seasoned traveler having visited many of the world’s travel destinations and enjoys submersing himself in the local culture to gain the true experience of the country he visits.

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