Tips For Controlling Bedbugs The Safe And Natural Way.

The first instinct that many people do when they see bedbugs crawling all over their mattress is to spray them with whatever commercial pest product they have at home. While this can kill these pests instantly, it’s not really getting rid of the root of the problem. You’re only treating the symptoms, so to speak, not the disease itself. Plus, bedbugs adapt; they can become immune to the product, effectively rendering it useless.

Below are effective ways to get rid of bedbugs. They’re natural, organic, and very safe. They’re also non-toxic, so there are no harmful effects to the environment.

Tips For Controlling Bedbugs The Safe And Natural Way.Regular Cleaning

You should know that even if your home is the cleanest home in the world, it can’t stop bedbugs from infesting your home. First of all, you can accidentally bring them inside your home. You could have picked them up at a hotel, movie theatre, grocery store, and even the nursery when you bought some plants for your garden. Second, they’re really small. You won’t notice them unless you’re specifically looking for them.

However, a clean home can help control their population. Regular vacuuming of the carpets, the draperies, the mattresses, the nooks and crannies of the rooms, etc. can suck the adult bedbugs up. The vacuum can also even pick up eggs and their molted skin. Not only can vacuuming get rid of some of these pests, but they can also help reduce the rate of skin allergies and asthma attacks.

Of note though; if you don’t get rid of the vacuum’s contents the right way, the bedbugs could easily crawl back out of the vacuum cleaner and infest a new place. So if you’re going to vacuum your home, you need to get rid of its contents outside your home and seal the plastic bag tightly to prevent bedbugs from crawling out. Also, you need to wash the bag in soap and hot water to kill any remaining bedbugs and their eggs.

Checking Your Things Before Bringing Them In

It’s also very important that you become mindful of what you’re bringing inside your home. As mentioned earlier, traveling is the easiest way to pick up bedbugs. So before you put your luggage and bags back inside your cabinet, be sure that you check them thoroughly first even before you set foot inside your home. Take the clothes out and inspect them for bedbugs; do the same with your luggage and bags, searching through the nooks and crannies and folds. You should even check your shoes and clothes. The same treatment should also be given to your grocery bags.

If you don’t want the hassle though of looking for them, then you have the option of hiring the services of a canine bedbug detection team. Their dogs are trained to sniff out bedbugs, so you won’t have to accidentally bring one inside your home.

Hiring a Pest Control Company

If your home is positive for a bedbug infestation, then it’s time to hire a pest control company. These pests are hard to get rid of, but the company’s treatment can totally eradicate them for you. Just choose though a company that uses safe and organic ways of treating pest control problems.



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