Choosing Wedding Reception Food and Beverages: Tips and Advice.

One of the main parts during a wedding reception is food and drink and it is essential for one to get this right for you. The most memorable part of the wedding day for the guests will be food and drink and having a menu that is well thought of and food that is well cooked will greatly improve their memories of your big day.

Choosing Wedding Reception Food and Beverages: Tips and Advice.The reception style and formality will reflect the kind of meal you may have ranging from a complete sit down meal up to a casual buffet style meal. A good number of hotels have wedding packages ready with menu samples for one to choose from. However, if you need a caterer, then you have to consider your own budget and discuss with the caterer the menu they may create for the budget. It is advisable to test the menu prior to the big day to be sure that the food is cooked to your taste and to a high standard.

Whatever menu you select, you need to put into consideration your guests. If you are inviting lots of elderly guests or children, then it is not good to try a spicy menu. Also, elderly guests may not be pleased about a contemporary themed menu. Always you must ask your guests to inform you of any nutritional requirements, from nut allergies to vegetarian and make sure you cater for them.

Have plenty quantity of alcohol available for your guests as they are there to celebrate your day with you. Your guests will be giving you gifts and having plenty of alcohol and good food for them is not that expensive. In case you cannot afford this, then do not serve dinner or avail the alcohol.

You can also look around to find a good restaurant where you can host the event and you will only pay for drinks and food. Finding a restaurant which will provide you with food and drinks is advantageous since you will not be paying anything for dinner, silverware, venue, chairs, tables, napkins, glasses among others. These are some of the things that add up to serious money if you are catering for the event inside an event hall. All you have to do is to work with the chef in advance in coming up with the menu options that will be meaningful to you and one that everybody would love. This will make sure that everything is cooked as per your order and is delicious.

For your wedding cake, do not include fondant icing on it. Even though it looks good, your guests may not like its taste. If you really need a fondant cake since you like the way it looks you should work closely with the cake suppliers to make sure the wedding leaves a sweet taste to all your guests.

Generally, the way the food is cooked is more important than the choice of menu. If possible select a caterer that you trust who will create a well cooked menu for you which your guests will truly enjoy.

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