Natural, Healthy Radiant Skin Glow: Tips on How You Can Achieve it.

There are many great products on the market that can help you achieve a healthy glow. Yet, how “natural” are they? Natural is in, so what are the ways you can get the look that will have everyone envious? Natural, glowing skin not only equals healthy skin, but it will also leave you radiating with confidence.

Say No to Heavy Cleansers

Lock up the heavy skin cleansers. Even better, throw them out. Skin isn’t as complex as we think it is. You don’t have to scrub, scrub, scrub until it’s clean. It actually takes very little to clean our skin. Invest in a mild cleanser that will still wash without irritating skin. Because you’re trying to achieve a natural glow, the best way to do so is to understand what you’re putting on your face. If you pick a product and don’t know what the ingredients are, don’t buy it.

Go natural and buy items with ingredients that you’ve heard of before. For example, look for anything with coconut, avocado, lavender, peppermint, olive, vitamins, antioxidants, etc. Anything that’s natural will be even more nourishing for skin than the processed stuff.

Papaya is a popular ingredient that works well as a natural exfoliator and cleanser.Massaging it into skin, it will improve blemishes, dark spots and overall skin tone. In addition to cleansing, remember to exfoliate as well. Exfoliation will slough away dead skin cells on the surface making the skin’s appearance less dull and more vibrant.

Think pH-Balanced Products

We’ve learned that after washing our face that it’s good to use a toner to restore the pH-balance of the skin that’s been disrupted from cleansing. The good news is, you don’t have to use a toner anymore. If you want to skip this step, you can buy a cleanser that already has a pH –balanced property in it.

A pH-balanced product works with skin, getting rid of excess oil, makeup and dirt, but will leave the natural oils, which keeps skin healthy. Although, if you see a pH-balanced product that has glycollic or lactic acids, purchase something else as those product as tend to have a lower pH, and won’t be as effective in maintaining moisture which is important for glowing skin.


The fragrance of a product tends to be a big-decision making factor in our purchases. If it doesn’t smell good, we probably won’t buy it. When it comes to skin care products, we need to reconsider our purchasing strategies. Your first priority should be how well a product works and consider fragrance second. Even though there’s something relaxing about using products that appeal to our sense of smell, fragrance and skin care don’t always mix well.

Natural, Healthy Radiant Skin Glow: Tips on How You Can Achieve it.Fragrance in products is actually the main cause of problems for people with sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin are better off not buying anything that has a fragrance to void unwanted irritation.  There are many products available for those with sensitive skin and are labeled “fragrance-free”. Although, be wary of products that are labeled “unscented” because they still might have a small amount of fragrance in trying to cover up the smell of active ingredients present in the product.


Buy products that have skin-repairing humectants. When applied to skin, humectants attract water, giving it more hydration. Reduce wrinkles, dry skin, acne, and age spots, which hinder your natural glow by using products with alpha-hydroxy acids. You can find them in grapes, apples, and citrus. Alpha-hydroxy acids will assist in cell-turnover, a large part in achieving a natural glow for the skin.

Whatever products you may use, whether it’s home-made or store-bought, try to stick with ones that have natural ingredients. Natural ingredients will penetrate skin better, making the product more effective and your glow even stronger.

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