The Very Low Chance Of Survival After Taking Chemotherapy.

Most people do not take the news of cancer detection well. Despite that medical research has to some extent managed to bring cancer under control, the effectiveness of these medical procedures are rather subjective.

Chemotherapy is the chemical treatment of cancer cells that involves the introduction of chemicals to the blood stream. These chemicals target the splitting cancer cells to prevent the cancer from spreading. Chemotherapy was meant to raise survival rate in cancer patients. Ironically, it is no longer the source of hope as it is associated with low survival rates.

According to statistics, it is estimated that chemotherapy kills 97 percent of cancer patients in a period of 5 years. It is vital to note that most deaths associated with chemotherapy result from the physical and emotional effects of the treatment.

The Very Low Chance Of Survival After Taking Chemotherapy.The Disadvantages

Patients who undergo chemotherapy often suffer from a lowered immune system. The immune system is crucial in the recovery process and a lowering it makes the patient susceptible to other diseases. The effectiveness of chemo depends on the type and stage of cancer. For example testicular cancer is more likely to respond to chemo than breast cancer. Yet breast cancer is among the most common types of cancer.

This means that more cancer patients will have to turn to chemo to help contain the cancer but not cure it. Repeated chemo means much lowered immune systems. Long-term use of chemotherapy often results in the patent losing his or her life since it destroys the immune system making it difficult for the patient’s body to fully recover. However, it is also vital to note that the patient’s extended survival after cancer diagnosis results from the management and prevention of cancer growth through chemotherapy.

The Emotional Downside

The emotional effect of chemotherapy often results in suicide. Most cancer patients succumb to the emotional effects of chemo and commit suicide. There are a number of side effects associated with chemotherapy that have a negative impact on the patient’s sense of self-worth. Hair loss, expensive treatment makes patient feel he or she is a burden to the family, hopelessness and depression are among the major side effects associated with chemotherapy.

Most patients are unable to deal with the realities of the aftermath of chemo and decide to take their own lives. It is important to note that chemo is a stressful medical procedure. Patients are also known to take their lives if the first procedure is not successful.

The invention of chemotherapy was meant to introduce a whole new world of hope to cancer patient and answer the question on how to heal incurable diseases. However, the lowered rates of effectiveness and associated side effects of this form of treatment have proved otherwise. Despite the fact that chemo extends a patient’s life span by enabling the prevention of the growth and spread of the cancer cells, the prize to be paid is too high.

This explains why most patents are reluctant to undergo this partially promising form of treatment. However, chemotherapy can cure some types of cancer in its early stages. This together with the fact that it extends the patient’s life span makes the treatment a worthy risk.






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